A day or so between responses.  Young girl, 18.  I am 26.

HB:  i’m new to this site. but i stumbled across you. you look too familiar. if you’re the one on the left, iny our picture. you ever travel up to the east coast?

Z:  I’ve been everywhere 😉 You do look familiar. Where could we have met?

HB:  Hmmm, good question. I’ve been figuring it out myself. My friends are in a band that’s pretty popular in this area, XXX. They play with XXX  a lot…maybe I’ve met you at one of those shows. Too many people come in and out of my life, hard to remember. Where are you around nowadays?  Even though I bum around, I still model. Maybe you’ve seen my pictures somewhere.

Z:  Oh God. Okay, bring it on. Most models are brats, ha ha ha.
I am traveling with a suicide girl at the moment, though. Headed down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

HB:  “Oh god.” Haha!
Well, just to let you know, I’m no bratt. Suicide girls can be babes. My friend photographs some.
Hey, I’m headed to New Orleans in April…

Z:  That’s what they all say 😉 What type of work have you done in the past?

HB:  Because it’s the truth! I swear
I’ve done fashion week, going to be in Vogue, worked with many great photographers for different things. Runway and editorial. I’m HBFakeItalianName, by the way.


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