Happy Father’s Day, in advance

In a complex economy, personal success is predicated on your ability to participate productively in regimented hierarchies — whether they take the form of companies, government agencies, law firms, or militaries. The central arrangement of these hierarchies is that nearly every single participant must interact with direct authority figures who employ varying degrees of oppressiveness. The way one interacts with authority figures is highly personal and highly influenced by one’s experiences early in life; particularly with one’s parents, and more particularly with one’s father. The way one is treated by his father determines his expectations of treatment by his employer, and his level of comfort in working directly beneath him.

If one is raised without a father figure, or with a father figure whose personality differences make for a conflicted relationship (in the case of a stepfather), he will have little or no internalized prototype for an emotionally positive hierarchical relationship. Put simply, if one is not directly raised by a validating father, he will grow up retreating from direct authority figures in an effort to keep his ego intact. As a direct result of this, he will have an aversion to oppressive hierarchies and a psychological inability to engage hierarchical organizations — like the ones that run civilization.

“As above, so below” is the principle that connects individual psychology with society at large. Social trends influence the development of individuals, and individuals become societies when their lives become patterns. Through the reform of divorce law and the liberal desire to artificially erase economic disparities between men and women, the American Government has long been taking steps to make fathers extraneous, and our society will deal with the consequences of this down the road. Barack Obama has accelerated the process by consciously erecting a Daddy State in which the Julias of the future can substitute state bureaucracy for dependent human relationships. That the children of this society will grow up with a reduced capacity for participation in sprawling, male-created networks of production bodes poorly.

Create a society for the masses, and they will reproduce it for you indefinitely. One of the chief tenets of this blog is that Game is a male adaptation to nascent matriarchy, and that the techniques it teaches are the natural social behaviors of a low paternity investment, r-selection mating system. Implicit in my writing is the assumption that this will bring about the collapse of civilization. I’d like to take this space to congratulate the men who have held fast to the values of the old world. It is easy to get wrapped up in the power of having options when it comes to the cooz, but it’s not doing any favors for your bloodline or the society they’ll inevitably inherit. Happy Father’s Day in advance, fathers.


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