Father’s Day, part two

Today: a thoroughly vindicating study on the influence of paternal acceptance on lifelong personality. A quote:

In response to rejection by their parents, children tend to feel more anxious and insecure, as well as more hostile and aggressive toward others.

…Children and young adults are likely to pay more attention to whichever parent they perceive to have higher interpersonal power or prestige. So if a child perceives her father as having higher prestige, he may be more influential in her life than the child’s mother.

This plays right into my earlier comments about internalized status and comfort with authority figures, particularly as they are each produced by your early interactions with your “higher ups”. If any are familiar with the academic eccentricities of Robert Anton Wilson, the article’s emphasis on hostility and aggression as a response to childhood rejection back up many of his claims about Circuit II imprinting.


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