A Rare Moment of Sympathy for the Perenially Vulnerable Feminist

I’ve practiced game with varying levels of consistency for over 10 years, since I discovered mASF at the age of 16. As a casual reader can probably tell, I oscillate between absolute extremes of rational, critical “man thinking” and a high level of intuitive, spontaneous social intelligence. It’s difficult to operate on both levels at the same time, so I go through long periods of each and probably write more from the former side than the latter. I can confidently say, however, that there is an absolute peak of seduction, and that it arises from applied intuition more than any set of rules.

During my game phases, I’ve run the full gamut – I’ve laid through MM, laid through Corvette and Cozy, internalized a million “inner game” belief systems, and kept a harem at beck and call through Roissyite Dark Triad manipulation. The times when I was happiest and most successful, however – when I could walk down the street and girls would open me, when the female gender seemed to have an innate curiosity about who I was, and I knew down to my core that I was a high-value playboy and not a desperate keyboard jockey tricking women into my bed- were when I applied intuition in a way that actually offered something real to the girls I dealt with.

Not “value” or “attention” or “my time, which is priceless because I’m so alpha I shouldn’t even be talking to you.” When I say applied intuition, I mean paying close attention in conversation to glean major personality traits from minor suggestions in the girls I spoke with. Why does she apologize for herself? Why is she stand-offish? Why does she need attention? There are millions of players in every generation, but the greatest seducers in history share a single trait – the ability to figure out what a woman needs and give it to her. Casanova, Don Juan, D’Anunzio, Clinton, they all had it. A woman will forgive anything in a man she loves, and the greater the gift he gives her, the more she will love him. If there are a million men in a room, 90% will offer her money, and 10% will offer her status, and almost nobody will fulfill her. This is the man she will never leave. This is what you need to do.

This is nowhere near the task it sounds like. You can tell how forthcoming someone is with details of their private life. You can sense when someone has dealt with rejection in their life. You can sense when someone never had a man to turn to. Everyone has a subconscious assumption of how much people like or dislike them — whether strangers are friends or threats.  Go through enough girls, go through enough people, and you begin to sense their dreams and longings. Some need control more than others, and you can tell them it’s okay to chill the fuck out. Some need affection, and you can give it to them. Most people are living in a world where they aren’t treated the way they think they deserve to be. All they’re looking for is someone who understands them.

Think about how hard it is to do all the shit people do for women, and how easy it is to understand another person if you put in an ounce of effort. If you’re good enough to deduce a girl’s vulnerabilities, you’re good enough to give her the cure – and that’s called being a lover. I hear people talk about lovers and providers, and they don’t know shit about love. The average man capitulates to a woman’s demands, the average PUA refuses, and the lover sees them for what they are: insecurities and a point of access. A window into their soul that you can slide through, where nobody else has.

The story of history is already written: civilization will not survive feminism, and the savage new order will create social upheaval and psychologically ravaged citizens. Feminists are wrong, but they are wrong for a reason. It is a psychological defense mechanism against the painful realities of life after the nuclear family. It is no secret to anyone with a three digit I.Q. that feminists are created in the absence of strong father figures, and I’ve detailed below the anxiety, insecurity, and desperate need for validation internalized by children thus raised. How long can you go without someone to turn to? Sooner or later you’re going to pick up the axe yourself.

In a world without fathers, men don’t learn how to lead. More importantly, though, women don’t learn how to follow. They learn how to grow into an emotionally oppressive mother, though, and how to fear the loss of control. How to distrust independent men, and do whatever they can to limit male autonomy. Lurking beneath this impulse is the fear of rejection and the steadfast belief that nobody will validate them unless they validate themselves. Or as I’ve said elsewhere, “Most of the women who say ‘I don’t need a man’ were never really given the option in the first place.”

So try to impose your set of rules on whoever you want to, governing the behaviors of society at large. But all these behaviors arise from legitimate feelings, and even if you passed the laws, won the court cases, got custody, whatever – the feminists would still feel the way they feel now, and that means the problem’s still there. The basic facts remain: you can only seek approval so many times from one man before finally telling him to fuck off, and 40 years ago, America’s women made a decision to do just that. If you want women to be comfortable seeking validation from you, you’ve got to be willing to validate. Understand it as rationalization, understand the feelings behind it, ignore the symptoms and treat the disease. Look her in the eye and say, “Shut up, Daddy’s here.”


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