High and About To Get Famous

Tomorrow’s my big break, but never mind that.  I’m high and spending the weekend at Mom’s house.  Here are my notes on the night.


There’s only one alpha, but the personality type varies amongst cultures on a spectrum of friendliness vs. hostility.  Roissy is a German Yankee and therefore presents an image of masculine success based in hostile strength.  It functions in relatively asocial environments like DC, the workplace, colder climates, and the upper class.  Tyler Durden is an Irish Californian, [yes, he is.] and therefore relies on an image of masculine success based in friendly strength.  It functions in female-dominated, highly social environments like LA, the street, warmer climates, and the drinking class.  Don Draper lives in one city, Hank Moody in another.  Go read Charles Murry, Geert Hofstede, and Robert Anton Wilson.  Figure out what’s best for you and go with that.  Don’t try to pull RSD game in New York, it won’t work.


I’m gonna post mad amounts of advice on flirting when I get around to it.  I’ve been in Texas for 4 months.  The town they filmed The Pick-up Artist in.  There’s much to say.


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