Restating Assumptions

The transition to matriarchy will destroy civilization for two reasons.

1. Civilization is indivisible from the nuclear family, and the nuclear family proceeds from patriarchy. Absent a leadership role in familial life, there is no incentive for male responsibility and thus dramatically lower male investment in society. Beyond this, males raised outside of nuclear families are consistently less psychologically prepared to become responsible, civilized men.

2. The scale of an advanced society proceeds from a male system of social organization, which revolves around sprawling, distended, and impersonal networks of mutual benefit rather than direct, personal, and human bonds. As the transition continues, our institutions will progressively scale down in size.

I am still unsure whether this will be a universal development or whether the economic bifurcation identified by Charles Murray will divide a civilized 1% from a post-apocalyptic majority. I do believe, however, that his social bifurcation is real and will occur partially along gender lines, creating a polygamous upper class and heavily male lower class.


5 comments on “Restating Assumptions

  1. sylviasarah says:

    Um…you mean civilization as we recognize it, right? Because there are all kinds of, small as they may be, functioning civilizations which have matriarchies. And, maybe I’m taking this in some typical feminist way, though I don’t claim to be one, but “switch to matriarchy” really seems like women would be to blame for men not caring about things, assuming that’s a thing of the future and not of the present.

    Males raised without closely tied families get in trouble, not necessarily males without mothers and fathers. Not to minimize the role of fathers but there could be plenty of reasons men without fathers get into trouble. Which, it’s kind of funny because people who grow up without fathers tend more toward the getting arrested type trouble, where people who grow up without mothers tend toward social issues.

    I know your point here is about men but since I want to keep reading this blog I have to ask, respectfully of course because this is your blog not mine and anyway mine is full of useless junk, that you consider that men and women work in a partnership not like President who gets the blame/glory and Vice President who just kicks back and gets a tan, but like the President and his wife would be the Secretary of all states. Pushing the role of the men without encouraging them to understand a role of women could get dangerous because a lot of the talk would be toward empowerment of the self which makes people feel they’re better than anyone else, or people who are different, and that doesn’t really help anyone. Agression begets agression, in previous times women would have taken it but…this is now.

    Anyway, sorry. Feel free to delete this if you want. It might not even be relevant.

    • No, I’m actually very interested in hearing female voices on this. Just to respond to what you said, I use the word civilization to mean “complex civilization” aka non-tribal societies. I don’t think women are to blame for this — truthfully, I think the sexual revolution just unleashed a new reality on both men and women, and the nuclear family is going to dissolve as a result of it. If it is actually possible for complex civilization to survive the sexual revolution, there are things that men and women will both have to do differently. I never wanted to point any fingers. I do think things like radical feminism are twisting the knife in western civilization, but there’s plenty of ways that men are shitting the bed too.

      Anyway, how do you think men without mothers have maladaptive social tendencies? What do you mean by that?

  2. sylviasarah says:

    😦 I posted links but I’m too lazy to look for them again. Google absent mothers and some good stuff should come up. It shouldn’t be a stretch to think that boys without mothers are just as much at risk for behavioral differences than girls without mothers.They would, of course, present themselves in different ways. I don’t mean to say that boys without mothers are more maladaptive, just that they are at risk as well.

    And, I’m sorry if I suggested you are pointing fingers. I just wanted to try and prevent any opening for it because I read too many manosphere blogs where women are trying to take over the world and end men forever. Or whatever other nonsense.

    • I really try not to let that happen — there’s a lot of shit out there that crosses pretty obviously into the territory of actual misogyny, and not just imaginary jezebel misogyny. I can’t overlook the fact that whenever I write about women, I’m writing about every woman I know and give a shit about. It’s not separate.

      Anyway, I really believe that the difference between civilization and the fucking apocalypse is whether men are invested in society by participating actively in family life. When cultures operate with a short-term mating strategies, you end up seeing masses of single mothers, masses of disenfranchised and largely irresponsible men, and masses of children with all the problems that come from a broken home.

      What that means is that it’s men who direct the health of society based on their position within it. A lot of fingers get pointed at women because in many ways feminism does reject the role of men in family life and society. That’s why people squawk about affirmative action and divorce so much in this community. But it goes both ways, and the fault falls just as evenly on men who choose to be self-interested in amoral. This blog is basically just me thinking out loud about how to change from that kind of person into the first kind.

      • sylviasarah says:

        🙂 Awesome. I hesitate to voice agreement because I don’t want to give anyone room to say you’re pandering to women, as I’ve seen in other blogs, but I do really like your blog.

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