Collapse of Man is for the Ladies

In a stunning development. evidence suggests that women actually read this blog because they are interested in a male perspective on the Sexual Marketplace.  Never one to disappoint, I’ve decided to make public my ongoing records, documenting my love life in cold, analytical, and joyless detail.  For years, I’ve diligently weighed my options on paper and discussed with myself the pros and cons of each new contender.  Now, given the total lack of conceivable consequences for posting it on a public forum, on the internet, with no names changed and no anonymity, I magnanimously present:

I’ve been back for 3 weeks, and 5 girls have hit me up.   One new, three old, one I slept with earlier this year and never saw again.  Two in the area, three in the capital, where I go on weekends to party.  One of the best naturals I ever met (black, like most of them) used to call them the “week freaks”.  This was a man I worked with who dramatically reduced my work output by holding us up at every McDonald’s and 7-11, flirting with cashiers and getting ~ 5 numbers a day.

Nicole:    Half Spanish girl I get along with real well.   Probably about a 6.5 all told, but a really stellar personality.  Anyone who tells you that doesn’t matter in a woman is an idiot.  Kind of shaping up to be that flirtatious female best friend, who you fuck when you’re drunk and feel comfortable hitting up multiple nights a week.  That’s a rare thing.  I really enjoy being around her, and I’ve been trying to talk her into getting a tattoo of a tombstone with my name on it late at night.  I think she’s warming up to the idea.

Unfortunately, her best friend is the most obnoxious girl who ever lived.  Overweight, constantly talking about how hot and classy she is, then turning around and saying “Make it two” everytime a man goes to the bar for a drink.  Nobody’s gonna make it two.

Alissa:  Stripper.  Light brown hair, crazy blue eyes.  Oscillates between being kind of bootleg and pretty chill.  I’d say she’s a 7.5 — average to pretty face with an extremely nice body.  This is probably skewed by how slutty she dresses, though.  Probably 5’2 and extremely good at sex.  When she smokes weed, her pupils dillate and the blue part looks like a small halo.  Really wild if you’re high with her.  I like when girls are openly vulnerable — not really sure why.  I like giving people they don’t have, beyond sex.  A lot of girls don’t have somebody that listens to them.  A lot of guys in the manosphere learn to ape the traits of attractive men, then use it exclusively for personal gain.  There’s a lot of opportunity for good if you’re a man of high status.  The higher status you are, the better you can make a girl feel about herself.  I don’t think you can really be alpha until you learn how to validate the people you’re having sex with and start taking opportunities to do it.

Lizzy:  Pretty girl.  Would say an 7, but she’s got a reputation for getting around that probably knocks her down a peg or two.  I thought about chilling with her romantically until I saw her around town with other dudes once or twice.  What do I need to take on a girl like that for?  It ain’t fair, but I’m not going around looking for competition.  My favorites are always on the border between cute and hot, with warm and outgoing personalities which are tempered by nervousness or mild fear of strangers.  That’s an incredibly rare thing.

If you keep at this a while, you start to tell the real from the fake.  Some girls are freaks, some are just normal girls with higher than normal sensitivity and above average need for affection.  It ain’t uncommon for a girl like that to pretend to be a freak, because that will get her attention.  But she’s no freak.  Like…you know she sleeps around, but when you get her in the bedroom, you figure out that she’s not even a slut…she just really wants a boyfriend and this is how she’s going about it.  That’s a red flag.

Jill:  No clue about this one.  Been texting / chatting with her, met her at a party a year ago and now we’re both single.  Probably on that border of cute and hot I was talking about earlier, maybe an 8, even.  Puerto Rican girl with emo glasses who listens to bad pop punk from high school.  Again, pretty banging and I’d love to get with her, but she posts that shit on facebook…like a picture of a beach with some handwritten quote over it…”Be who you are”…”Love is stronger than the biggest battleship”…some shit like that.

It’s probably a headache and a half to be a woman.   Getting me to settle down with you is like defusing a fucking bomb.  Every trait has to be expressed at the right time, in exactly the right amount.  I don’t like it when a girl is tough or “independent” — in fact, I hate it.  Don’t act like you’re a man: you’re not.  But when a girl wears her vulnerability, need for affection, and desire for commitment on her sleeve, it’s a turn off in a different way.  I don’t want to sign up for something huge, because what if I don’t feel it a month in and have to seriously fuck up someone’s life?  I don’t need that drama.

Odd as it is, I do like when they put up an obvious front but you know there’s something behind door 2, you know.  Like when a skinny 5’3 girl talks about how tough she is, like a kid trying to prove something to you.  There’s no way to communicate how this would be done in a cute way over the internet, but they do it.  It’s not even token resistance, it’s like token…”I’m not a wimp who rereads your text messages trying to pick out potential meanings for an hour at a time.”  Just…be a girl and be crazy about me, while simultaneously assuring me that you’re not going to slash my bike tires and piss in my contact solution when it doesn’t work out.  Is that too much to ask?  Yeah, obviously it is.  Because it’s rare enough that when it happens, I compare every girl to that one for the next 5 fucking years.  Anyway,

Caroline:  God, what the fuck.  This girl was one of 3 “girlfriends” i had simultaneously last year, and probably the one I liked the most / spent the most time with.  I guess MLTR is the best word for it.  Never got romantic or anything, but called each other up and met for breakfast at 4am.  Went on road trips together.  Got drunk and did graffiti in the middle of the night.  Both had feelings for each other but was totally unable to express it in my fucked up, life crisis, scum fuck depravity at the time.  I should have dated her.  Should have fucking married her or something.  Is that how it feels?  How do you fucking know?  I don’t even know when to take the plunge and go exclusive with someone.  Just drag it out for as long as possible and play your cards right.  I wish I could turn off the program in my head that makes me get as much sex as possible for the least amount of commitment.  I think I tried to, which is why I never actually had sex with her.  I actively avoided it.  More than just some trick.

Anyway, that’s my life this month.  I’ll start telling stories about them all.  Trying to make this blog more “female-friendly”.


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