Thoughts on Women

Based on recent experience. Any feedback from actual women would be appreciated — I haven’t told anyone about this blog. If the post sounds weird, it’s because I am trying to write a description of humans in terms an aspergoid could understand.

The female mind is wired to crave social interaction, emotional experience, and the all-at-once information gathering of the holistic right brain (as opposed to the logical, procedural workings of the male mind.) It is hard to describe this need to a man, but if the male experience of deprivation manifests as sexual frustration or anger, the female equivalent is loneliness or listless ennui. If she is unattractive, she will be depressed about it. If she is attractive, she will say, “I am attractive but what is the point? All I want is someone to appreciate it. How can that be so much to ask for?” It is easy to see how this craving will ultimately lead many to seek out the constant comfort and engagement of family life down the road. Men need sex, but they are generally content, if somewhat bored, living alone. For most women, interacting with others is the difference between her brain being turned on or being turned off.

I have long believed that females desire attention with the same gnawing motivation that men desire sex, but now I believe it is a specific type of social engagement that they are after, rather than the validation of someone paying attention to them. The same way a boy will be glued to a logic-based videogame like pacman, women are glued to other people when presented with their particular brand of information. I used to ask a girl, “Do anything last night?” and react to her indifference with confusion. What the hell is wrong! You want to talk, don’t you? Now, I ask something like, “What was the coolest thing that happened to you over the weekend?” or “I bet you got some comments on that scarf today.” Every piece of information is a symbol for 10 more, and a paragraph is implicit in every sentence. This is how the right brain works.

I believe speaking this language is 70% of game, because so few men know how to do it. Men have a built in respect for each other’s boundaries and keep a greater level of social distance between one another. Their interactions are generally purpose driven, and they take a “get in, get out” approach to interacting with others. This is toxic when interacting with women. Women immediately know when you’re talking to them for a reason, and when you’re talking to them because you enjoy the engagement. Fortunately, there are relatively few men who do this, so women will notice when there is a man in their social circle who speaks their language. Hopefully I will be able to post more about how to get into this mindset. I’ve had good luck with smoking weed and looking at pictures instead of words for a while. Texting 4 or 5 girls simultaneously is helpful. Frankly, a general increase in the number of people you keep in regular contact with will get you in this way of thinking. I’ll keep an eye out for more tips.


9 comments on “Thoughts on Women

  1. modernguy says:

    The reason men don’t talk like this is because it’s only effect is creating social bonds. Women live for that warm feeling of bonding with someone. That’s not enough for most men, and for many it feels ultimately pointless, a waste of time. It doesn’t have an end in itself, which is fine for women because they’re not looking for one.

    • In the experiences referenced above, it ended with my dick inside a couple of these bond seekers. I defend constant, pointless flirtation regardless though, on the grounds that the social proof and social momentum net additional lays. Feels good too. I get a buzz off text flirting at work / wherever.

      • NoveltyVotary says:

        It’s hard to override the goal oriented brain, maybe especially when the goal is to override it. Like you said, women can detect it when you’re not enjoying the interaction, so pretending to enjoy the “bonding process” usually ends up in tripping over yourself if it’s not genuine.

        I’ve commented before on smoking weed to get into this mindset, but it would be nice to know some other ways of getting there. I hope to hear more.

        • I’ll try to make a post after experimenting more. I know that social isolation does the opposite though. I have strange left brain episodes when circumstance puts me alone for too long.

          Novelty is a huge help. Talking to new people, doing new things. Being forced to think on your feet. Going to new places. I’ll put some thought into it, though.

        • This is an abstract answer, but I think the left brain is activated through logic and predictability — if someone says “2,4,6, what comes next?” that’s your left brain answering “8”. The right brain is activated when an unpredictable situation calls for a genuinely spontaneous and novel response. If you say “Hi” to a girl and she says “Hi” back, there is no right answer to that. Only the right brain can provide the spontaneous and novel response which is appropriate.

          With that said, a big part of thinking on this level boils down to engaging novel situations, which requires you to stop fearing them. I’m not consciously afraid of anything, but I naturally avoid situations I can’t predict the outcome of. A ton of men, especially in this generation, are more comfortable interacting with predictable machines than unpredictable people. They are more comfortable with a computer or a TV than a conversation. Well, talking about politics or economics is as different from talking to a woman as watching a movie is. You must verge into the territory of having SPONTANEOUS exchange with people, and this is based not on thought, but on emotion.

          Why do only women and alphas operate at this level of thinking? Because these are the 52% of society that do not fear it. If you did not fear insult, or losing friends, or poor reputation, or rejection, how would you be different? You would talk to a girl without needing reason or excuse. You would joke around with people without worrying they would take it the wrong way. In order for this to happen, your brain would work in a different way. Marijuana simulates it, but you can feel that way all the time, and the two greatest ways to accomplish it (not that I am an expert, though I am what you would call socially “successful”) are 1: deprogramming your fear of unpredictability and 2. spend more time interacting with human than non-human friends. Think about when you have a girlfriend. You feel different, you act different, your life is different. Your brain works differently, because it has to when it is in contact with someone at all times. This is what women are like all the time. They are always in sync with others, which is a blessing and a curse — they are also accountable to others at the same time. But this is why their brains work their way and ours don’t. Both are a double edged sword.

      • modernguy says:

        Yeah the way I said that comes off sounding stupid, I meant it in an idealized sense. Socialization, flirting, etc obviously have real payoffs.

        • It’s not goal-directed thinking. I get what you’re saying. Everyone’s got a different game and mine benefits enormously from living like this, though.

          Mystery identified Protector of Loved Ones as one of the primary attraction switches in a woman’s brain. With time, I’m starting to think that this is less about demonstrating protection ability and more about demonstrating that you are a person capable of strong relationships with others. In a woman’s world, social bonds are protection — she wants to know she’s working with someone whose able to reciprocate the kinds of bond she’s trying to make. I think this goes for both short-term and long-term interests. There’s a line between lone wolf and just plain loner.

  2. Big Ern says:

    Or they might just think you’re gay or at least feminine. In which case you ended up being able to get them into bed mainly due to other factors (i.e. appearance, status, etc). Plus I’ve noticed the opposite. Women in my experience are attracted to men who possess a general habit of not entering the female mental frame and a determination to stay in the abstract mode of though.

    • Arred Wade says:

      Women who don’t have many options are attracted to men who don’t have many options. If that’s who you’re shooting for, your lack of game will make you seem more attainable and thus more desirable as a long term mate.

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