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The male mind thinks abstractly, the female mind concretely. The more complex society grows, the more relative strength men will have, and the more political power will be an abstraction instead of a one-on-one, human reality. Civilization can be defined as a level of complexity in which organization is communicated rationally and abstractly instead of directly and emotionally. The central irony of liberalism is that its opposition to power relations will lead to the rebirth of direct power. Ironic if you take it at face value; totally expected if you view it as an ideological assertion of female will. Food for thought today, of all days.


There are three things I did over the weekend that I cannot recommend highly enough. The first was reading the new Baumeister paper, which picks up where he left off several years ago with Is There Anything Good About Men. That paper provided a huge inspiration for this blog by suggesting that sprawling institutions of shallow relationships (e.g. governments, corporations, militaries) proceed naturally from the male brain, and that females fare much better in the political worlds of direct, tribal societies. Confirming everything I’ve been saying all along, Baumeister stops short of pointing out the obvious (which I’ve also been saying all along), that when massive male institutions are infiltrated by females, they will inevitably be reformed to fit female minds. There are benefits to this, but there is also a strong probability this will dramatically reduce their scale and complexity, rendering them economically uncompetitive and dooming them to insolvency.

The second is commencing The Alphabet vs. The Goddess, which is completely extraordinary in every way. Along the same lines, it makes the argument that complex civilization emerged in conjunction with patriarchy and both are a product of the left brain thinking unleashed by the advent of literacy. Earlier on this blog, I’d claimed that patriarchy began with the agricultural revolution in the neolithic period — I am no longer sure. The author is making a good argument that there were many goddess-worshipping agrarians in the 2000 years between agriculture and the written word, but this doesn’t necessarily make them matriarchal. The whole thing is actually written for feminists, under the improbable banner that the written word ushered in a new era of injustice and inequality. Maybe so, but it never abandons the self-evident truth that we’d still be scraping lichen off rocks in any other situation, so it’s not hard to look past.

Third, I did ketamine and watched Koyaanisqatsi for the first time in a while, which presents the post-industrial city as a dense hive of human macrobehavior and specialization, undirected by anything but the rational governing faculty that lurks in the left brain, demanding efficient ordering and screaming in orgiastic delight at the industrial process. The male mind made flesh and iron. I believe strongly that this is the best piece of art ever produced. The closest anyone’s ever come to touching the Sun. Absolute perfection. Godfrey Reggio’s genius knows no bounds. Who else could say they’ve done this? To take an hour, and show us 10,000 years into the future and past…the entire adventure of human civilization — it’s central impulse, it’s central conflict, and it’s central tragedy. Nothing else has ever brought me to joy and tears so consistently. Truly the most thrilling gift ever given to humanity and the only work of history ever to genuinely transcend culture and tell the story of all men, everywhere. Very humbling.

Finally, the adventure is coming to a close. There will be forward progression as long as there are brains to dream about it. What can we do today, though? Where do you go from here? Maybe better to start from square one and start the game all over. I voted for Barack Obama because I believe he has done more than any other US president to hasten the inevitable collapse of civilization. He is the most liberal, the most feminist, the most anti-family, the most anti-male, the most anti-religious, the most anti-civilization leader the world has ever had. I’m ready for change, though, and I stand to gain a lot more from a system of direct power than abstract. Why defend civilization now? I don’t run it. I’ll defend the civilization I create after Obama has brought down this one. Nothing to do now but buy up the gold and guns and get waiting.


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