December 2012

I’m bringing the blog back with a different focus. Everything happening in my life is pointing me in a certain direction, and that direction is consonant with what people seem to want out of this portion of my writing. That direction is toward a greater balance between the two basic ways of thinking I sketch out on here, and that balance is the reason I’ve chosen a career in psychology instead of economics. It is the reason you will get laid more in the future and the reason we will all be happier.

I’ve thought a lot and this is where I need to take things. It began political in nature, but 90% of men read it to improve their ability to get laid. Maybe this is not such a bad thing. Men, not women, built civilization, and they were able to do so because male professional interaction is always and at all times mediated by power. Male social relations are fundamentally more efficacious than female because they operate through efficient systems of coercion. But you cannot coerce a woman in her natural state the way you do a man. You can force a man to accept something; the same is not true with women.

The big secret that all the players seem to know is that you can get a woman to do things through different means and these means are not coercive. The big secret is that human bonding is an impediment to the execution of force in a male world, but it is a necessity to this execution in a female world. The female mind craves it, and that possibility is a bigger carrot to the female than the female body could ever be to the male. To learn how to manipulate this resource would give you more direct power than women have ever had from their ability to manipulate your need for sex.

I’ve spelled out time and time again that there are only two basic variations on social organization. There is a reason why the patriarchy always wins and why men alone create the massive networks of shallow, coercive relationships that enable complex civilization. It will become increasingly impossible for men to have power over millions, but men will become increasingly aware of how to have power over the 10 women they see in a day. As a society, we made this decision official in November. It is not insignificant that it was achieved through massive demographic change, but the blame falls just as squarely on everyone else. This is the deal you struck when you logged on to the internet every day to learn how to get pussy by figuring out their rules and changing your behavior to follow them. Simple as that. The manosphere grew out of pickup, and the pickup movement represents little more than a massive, decentralized attrition from patriarchy.

Well, you asked for it, you’ve got it. I have a lot of things to write, and I should be pounding it out over the next couple weeks. Thanks to anyone who linked the blog or commented before. It’s rewarding to know that strangers give a shit and I’m hoping to offer something to everyone who reads this. Happy Holidays and fuck everything.



5 comments on “December 2012

  1. Evie says:

    I read this last post with some dismay. I was linked to this blog through Heartiste, and kept up with your posts for the same reason I come back to Chateau on occasion…the discussions were based on just more than how to get laid. It seems like there’s already such a huge amount of blogs, books, videos, you name it, out there with the express goal of teaching guys how to get laid and how to get what they want from an HB 8,9, and the mythical 10. Unfortunately, it seems like they all just rehash the same stuff over and over again. It gets old. This is why I was pleased to find your blog–you were one of the few writers out there willing to share his experiences and actually think about it in the larger context of society and world dynamics as a whole. Admittedly, I didn’t participate in any discussions at the start, then became disheartened when you went the direction of boasting about boobie texts and such, without much thought to the whole situation past “look what I can do!” If I want to get a play by play of how to see naked girls, I’d go to Roosh or SoSuave. They’ve covered the topic ad nauseum.

    I fully understand the anger and disappointment felt after the election and the general idea that everything’s going down the drain. But you yourself stated that just laying back and making your whole life a poolside party is completely worthless. That there’s got to be more out there to find importance in.

    I’m a bit late in stating this, but I do hope that, although it seems you’ll be taking this bog in the more basic game instructions direction, you’ll continue to make observations about the societal and personal implications of what’s going on around us. Because, really, that’s the interesting stuff. Even if it is depressing.

    The more I read and explore, the more I find that there’s two schools of thought: The world’s going to hell, so lay back and get as much pussy as you can. Don’t care about anything else, because why bother? Or, the world’s going to hell, but something needs to come out the other side. The winners will be the ones who see the situation for what it is (sucky) and continue to evolve.

    • Don’t worry, things aren’t going to take a 180. This blog has always been about how men and women operate differently, and how those differences play out at the societal level. That won’t change, but I mean it when I say I’m seeking a more balanced approach.

      The tone of this blog is not aggressive or arrogant like many others are, and that’s deliberate. But when I look at it, it appears nonetheless to be a product of hyper-masculine thinking in a different way. I could not stop that if I wanted to, and I’ll continue to write about masculinity as it affects society at different levels of social organization. I will attempt to balance this with more effort towards exploring feminine modes of thought, though, and explaining them in writing. This will have the dual benefit of helping the game of readers without resorting to “basic game instruction”, and of improving my life.

      I was told once that women are human beings and men are human doings. Men may accomplish things (like civilization, for example) but the male mind does not operate at the emotional level. In my experience, women do the work of cultivating happiness and sharing it with others, and all-male environments are usually miserable places. I’ve never been in the military, but the jail cell, homeless shelter, and manosphere aren’t much fun.

      The writing reflects my life, and I am a deeply contradictory person. I jump between months of reclusive study and unfettered, hyper-social irresponsibility. I was equally good at being a well-off government suit and living on the streets of New Orleans, at living out Edward Norton’s filing cabinet persona and riding freight trains around the country talking my way into a place to sleep each night. I am at a point in life where I need to reconcile these, and I suspect these topics are a major piece of the puzzle.

      Anyway, I ask you to bear with the process. The blog began as an exploration of one underrepresented personality type, and I understand that it probably ruins it when others bleed in. That inconsistency is how it has to be from now on, but I think you will still find what you are interested in. Your feedback is certainly always welcome.


      • immoralgables says:

        Your second to last paragraph was incredible.

        You have my attention and I will be following.

        Welcome back, SMGP


        • Arred Wade says:

          Jesus, I don’t think there’s another set of words I’ve ever put on paper that I want people to accept more. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the follow. Always looking for more friends in South Florida B)

          • immoralgables says:

            Hey, no longer in SoFlo, now up in NYC – Manhattan.

            Take care and keep up the good word, your writing makes me question a lot of things which is good.

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