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Reader Erudite Knight posts:

[Your last post] sounds very much like placating to females, I dont want to assume since some of your other writing contradicts this. But this opening reeks of it esp. ‘No longer is the female reality considered frivolous or inferior’ who is saying that?

Males do not have to meet females halfway, its more like 90%. Wondering what you were trying to get at with this?”

I’m saying that, personally.

Male reality is abstract.  Luminaries of male thought include Plato, Einstein, Miles Davis, Jesus, and nearly anyone else who ever did anything significant on a large scale. But every mother who ever lived did something significant.  Every close friend is significant.  It’s just a matter of the scale they act on.

Females work in the social world of direct, visible reality.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I was raised with a distinct hierarchy in my mind: that the mind is greater than the body, work is better than play, thought is more important than feeling, and the physical world is inferior to the abstract.  Turn on a reality TV show some time.  Are these small-minded people bickering over pointless drama or human beings negotiating the terms of the bonds between them?  I’ll go with “frivolous and inferior” every time, because that’s how I was raised.

Males meet females 90/10 because they’ve been paying women to live in their world.  Marriage is a contract that exists so men can think like men and avoid the mental effort that game demands.  The females must be offered a great deal, because they are moving into a world where their talents go unused and unnoticed.  Who could deny that men were afforded more respect than women until extremely recently?  This is the meeting that will occur halfway.

Patriarchy is over and that means the female reality will be taken as seriously as the male.  It also means that men will gain access to sex through engaging the female level of existence rather than enticing the females to enter their own. What else is game about, in its historical context?  Why its early obsession with not buying girls drinks or paying for dates?  This is the tradeoff that took place and the reason why marriage will disappear, men will cease to support women, the male brain will languish absent its sexual meal ticket, and the institutions which support male action will disintegrate.

Today, game is an option some take to have a more abundant sex life than the average man.  In the future, it will be the only way to gain access to sex and thus mandatory for all men.  Once again, civilization cannot adapt to this but we can.


5 comments on “Response to EK

  1. modernguy says:

    Unfortunately, it’s unsustainable. A society in which men who are charming but produce nothing are rewarded and the rest are not is going to quickly disintegrate to the point where game is moot, because game doesn’t matter in the third world where this is ultimately headed. There, what is rewarded is ruthlessness. The usefulness of game is a luxury afforded us by the wealth of our society, which allows women to choose men based on charm with little regard for resources. Even in this society it’s a transient phenomenon. Game works on young women and for young men who don’t have to demonstrate more tangible advantages. But ultimately the hot girls still end up with the rich guys. Skittles man is alpha in high school and college, after that he better have a good job lined up.

    • I think you’re right, but I think game exists naturally within every man, and expresses itself when he is in a position of status and freedom. In a savage world, whether or not it is expressed is a function of direct power. In our world, anyone can say or do anything they want, so game is open to anyone with the will to employ it.

      I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, though. Hot girls may end up with rich guys, but it’s getting less common for anyone to “end up” with anyone, and more common for the hot girls to get restless after a few years of routine comfort. I agree with you, though, which is probably why I didn’t really start talking about game until I accepted that the transition to 3rd world culture was irreversible.

      • modernguy says:

        Yeah, good point, people don’t really “end up” together at all anymore. It’s going to be interested to see what the result is on older single women as they age.

    • Got the wordpress app on iPhone and it promptly deleted your last comment. Sorry about that.

      • modernguy says:

        No problem.

        “Hot girls may end up with rich guys, but it’s getting less common for anyone to “end up” with anyone, and more common for the hot girls to get restless after a few years of routine comfort.”

        What do you think is going to happen to unattached women as they age though?

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