Thoughts, January 16th

Moved back to the city to outstanding success so far.  Big post soon about what I see as the future of the game, how it fits into the historical process of the feminine imperative asserting itself, and how I’m breaking most of the rules but still lining girls up left and right.  Which isn’t even important to me anymore, but it fits directly into my strategy to maintain social status in a post-masculine world.  Biological feudalism is slowly reasserting itself; time to pick sides.  No more MRA bullshit.  The only ones headed for the chopping block are the betas.  Time to become who you were meant to be.

  • Patriarchal societies seem to inhibit motherhood as much as matriarchies inhibit fatherhood, which is consequential since your mother gives you your sense of comfort and security with the world around you.  You can’t separate a mother and child the same way, but you can create a culture without unconditional love, where high-presence emotional communication is never inculcated in youth.  You can see it in white people’s general discomfort with emotional or physical impositions by others.  Don Draper’s lasting popularity is probably owed to a generation of men adapting somewhat slowly to a world of greater social presence and idealizing a world where individuals weren’t expected to engage those around them to the same degree of emotionality.  Full disclosure, I am half (upper class) mexican, half italian, and got high with my black roommate 2 hours ago.
  • Just back from 2 weeks covering disputed cartel territory in Tamaulipas.  There was no founding genocide in Mexico — the active role played by religious orders in the colonization process generated a paternalistic attitude towards the natives never seen in America, and Mexico today is a fairly unified culture produced by 500 years of deliberate ethnic blending between the Spanish and the natives (“Mestizaje”.)  America’s lack of common culture creates its void of trust and civic-mindedness, and makes it somewhat unpleasant to live in.  Leaving the HBD debate aside for the time being, it seems likely that things will improve in a generation or so after we all settle down and begin to conceive of ourselves as one team.  The collapse of cultural borders is a necessary step in that direction, and may be the sole upside to the Obama presidency.  This has been by far the most liberal post I’ve ever made so far.  Maybe it will help to point out that that process will involve the dissolution of white society and presumably the implosion of the economy white people created here.
  • Women have children for purposes of emotional fulfillment; men have them to extend their influence on the world past their natural deaths.  The process of acculturation this requires naturally demands great personal investment, which is why all patriarchies are K-selected.  Fear of death is the great motivator of male behavior.
  • In the future, the alpha/beta distinction will be fully recognized by mainstream society, women will have relationships with one of each (sharing the scarcer alphas and dominating their emasculated beta), and lover/provider will be informal relationship statuses akin to “my husband…and my boyfriend.”
  • Unencumbered self-expression is the only real alpha trait and 50% of game is learning to stop thinking about game.

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8 comments on “Thoughts, January 16th

  1. hesaidhe says:

    i think the alpha/beta distinction is already recognized even if the exact words are not used aloud, but it’s splashed all over the media, fashion and advertising industries today. almost hurled through the new season premiere of of Girls. those “girls” display both desires (in contradiction of their verbal desires/exchanges with their friends/lovers). sometimes i wonder how many screen writers or journalists pay attention to the mano and femo-sphere. makes me a little angry to think they probably are AND are banking because of it.

    smoke a fatty for me 😉

    • Girls blows my mind. I don’t think Lena Dunham is influenced by the blogs, I think she just expresses the biological reality she lives in and does it honestly. Certainly focuses on ugly truths that the feminist blog world would deny up and down, and I’d be surprised if she was plugged into the manosphere. I’ve got to check out the new episodes.

      Also, if you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on the comment below, starting with “Suffice it to say”

  2. Anon says:

    Avid reader, first time poster. I’ve followed R/Heartiste and others in the arena for a few years, and have found that they’ve become stale. More posts saying “see I was right” instead of new insights as to what’s next. I speak heavy words… but you’ve picked up the torch. Please continue.

    From your posts and my own observations, I see the path forward much is as you describe. I have a few questions though.

    Regarding “unencombered self-expression” as the mark of an alpha, how does this play out in a politically correct state?

    I agree wholly that this is a correct assessment, as I see my own bluntness and take-it-or-leave-it attitude intoxicates the women I am with (and some of the lesser males). I speak the truth with many colleagues and friends, and have their respect (though they are often cautious with their own responses). However I am still careful to watch my words around others (beta white knights, hardcore feminists) to avoid what I deem as unnecessary conflict.

    Are alpha males in this culture exempt from the PC rules used to enslave other weaker minded men?

    Perhaps they are not wholly exempt, but they are given more leeway as long as they play into a certain frame. ie. can’t both speak one’s mind and play the bad boy, then turn around and try to pull heavy emotional connection from the woman in a beta fashion.

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I believe there are two ways to get laid, which I will talk about in a post this week. One is by appealing to a female’s short-term mating strategy, one by appealing to her long-term tastes. I am at this point primarily interested in the latter, half because the former has been beaten to death in the manosphere (despite only applying to actively ovulating girls) and half because I believe this is the only way to achieve genuine social dominance.

      Frankly, I don’t really care about getting laid anymore – I go out and fuck girls, but it’s not my goal. I’m interested in power and I suspect you might be too. Analyzing what women are archetypally interested in is just a good way to figure out exactly what that looks like. From my perspective, it looks a lot like a father, and I am now more interested in every girl wanting me as their boyfriend than I am in every girl wanting to fuck me. This gives you infinitely more social leverage and infinitely more leeway.

      Suffice it to say that I think a bad boy frame is regressive and approach nearly everyone with strong kindness and curiosity today. I am finding that if you are emotionally positive from the absolute get-go with a woman (and this includes not asking for attention or validation) then she will overlook a great many things in order to keep your favor. Moreover, if you are the man in the room who every girl wants attention from, they will not discard your attention lightly over a comment you make. This presupposes that you are not deliberately offending people, though.

      I was speaking with an avowed feminist on Thursday. She lives at an anarchist collective house and may actually identify as gender neutral when she’s talking to someone else. She posts on facebook about this shit. I was flirting with her, giving her good emotions, and acting comfortable and warm with her. She said she got a job as a dishwasher and got paid more than someone who had been working there for 4 months. I told her, “Of course you do, it’s because you’re so good at washing dishes because you’re a girl!” Didn’t bat an eye. Didn’t miss a beat. Definitely didn’t get pissed.

      What was the difference? The emotional context of our conversation. Being alpha is not an abstract quality like being “brave” or “intelligent.” It is a position. It is a status you attain relative to others, and it is entirely a function of your ability to cultivate trusting relationships with them. With women, it is highly important that they trust you with their emotional state. If they do, they will let you get away with anything as long as you don’t betray that trust.

      So are alphas exempt from these rules? Yes, but not because they are so great the rules don’t apply to them. It is because the emotional benefits of interacting with them are sufficiently high that a woman would not want to jeaopardize it. This changes not as a function of any “objective” scale, but as a function of how she feels about you at the time. Your job in life is to manage these feelings for everyone you interact with.

  3. UCB says:

    Another long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I have to say I absolutely loved this post, especially the line: “Unencumbered self-expression is the only real alpha trait and 50% of game is learning to stop thinking about game.” That may be the single most important thing that any man needs to learn about game… you really seem to have this figured out on a level that most guys have yet to aspire to.

    I’ve come to the same conclusions about the PUA definition of “alpha”/bad boy game as you have. It’s great for generating initial attraction, but creates a massive barrier for women who are learning to trust you with their emotions. I’m learning to be more unencumbered, as it frees up my thinking and allows me to be more openly expressive with declarations of love and affection. The challenge, for me at least, is learning how to maintain a strong enough frame so that those words are coming from a place of strength and not from a place of scarcity and weakness. It’s forced me to take a step back from the aloof asshole frame, and maybe lose some quick bangs in the process, but my gut feeling is that the long-term rewards are worth the short-term costs.

    BTW – I’m curious. Do you follow xsplat at all? He seems to be the only other blogger who’s talking about this right now. He has some great posts up on the daddy/daughter frame and has pointed me towards some excellent resources.

    • That’s the crux right there. I’m very much on top of the world right now, but I know these things ebb and flow and I’ll be back to a normal guy in a month or so until the next cycle. How do you maintain that frame long-term?

      My thinking is that strong frame comes from giving more than you receive in social interactions, particularly as it applies to the exchange of positive emotions. If you know that you are approaching people and giving them something without asking for anything, you have nothing to hide and no reason to expect rejection. I have been doing this in the form of:

      Complimenting people
      Making people laugh
      Asking for opinions
      Expressing actual curiosity about their lives and goals

      If I had to sum it up, I would say the most important thing is keeping your focus entirely on others and not yourself. Pump status in indirect ways like demonstrating pre-selection by talking to every girl in a room, and avoid asserting status by demanding attention. All status should come from context, not direct action, and all direct action should be friendly and inviting.

      It bears mentioning that this works for me in a medium-sized city in the South, and that I have some level of social status and recogntion by writing for a well-known hipster magazine. I don’t think abstract status is in any way necessary for generating direct status, though.

      • UCB says:

        Interesting… of the four things you mentioned, I would think that you could do those things and still be doing them from a weak frame. I’m guessing the difference here is that you have a natural desire to do those things and aren’t doing them (at least consciously) as a means of seeking approval. I’ve noticed for myself that when I’m in a solid groove, these things come rather naturally as well… so I can definitely relate to what you’re saying here. Still it helps to see someone break it down analytically, as that helps mentally reinforce things for me.

        I actually find the stronger, socially dominant, nice-guy frame to be relatively easy to hold over the long-term. But after having heard the “dont be beta” mantra beat into my head after so many years hanging with PU guys, I find it more difficult to include earlier in the interaction. Guess that’s why your point about unencumbered self-expression hit home.

        • Arred Wade says:

          I don’t believe in objectively alpha or beta behaviors and I don’t think women do either. I am generally shifting entirely to context-based status signals (including subcommunication) rather than behavior-based, but I will admit that I probably have internalized unconscious behaviors that demonstrate status. For example, I involuntarily maintain eye contact when I am speaking to someone and allow my gaze to wander intermittently when I am listening — until I am trying to solidify rapport. The things above are just representative of my finding that focusing your attention outside of yourself neutralizes self-doubt in a lot of cases.

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