State of the Game: Part One

Men and women have always pursued fundamentally different biological imperatives, but the female need for survival resources and the male need for reproductive access forced them to compromise their competing drives out of necessity. This compromise was most perfectly expressed in the institution of marriage, wherein men would sacrifice the option to impregnate multiple women and women would sacrifice the option to all be impregnated by the best man, but both would be satisfied by the opportunity to live another day and produce another generation.

Today, in some part through manipulation of their sexual resources, but largely as a result of the changing nature of work itself, women have been granted the ability to provide for themselves and no longer have any need to compromise their biological imperative in order to survive. The resultant ideology of feminism can be appropriately viewed as the financially independent female id forcibly expanding the limits of acceptable behavior to the benefit of its biological agenda. The goal of this philosophy is for all directives of the feminine imperative to be free from stigma and completely acceptable.

Chief among these directives is the dual reproductive strategy of breeding with the man of greatest reproductive fitness (whose options in the reproductive market make him unlikely to settle down) and pair bonding with the man of greatest resources (whose willingness to invest suggests he lacks the reproductive fitness to attract other women.)  Much work has been done establishing the fact that women have a two-tiered system of mate preference, and that they oscillate between the two along their estrus cycle.  Social mores, however, prevent them from fully acting on it.  When men controlled material resources, cuckoldry was outlawed, open hypergamy shamed, and paternity tests readily available to resolve any issue.   These are precisely the social attitudes which we are watching change in our own generation as the newly unfettered feminine imperative asserts itself.  Soon it will be possible for a woman to pursue both of these strategies separately without fear of legal, social, or moral repercussions.

90% of men are complicit with this transformation of social mores. The dissident remainder are red pill men, and they have two mutually exclusive options: to acknowledge the feminine imperative and attempt to suppress it, or to accept it completely.

By now, it should be obvious that the former is an untenable position. Females have historically suppressed amoral instinct only out of necessity, due to their reliance on male providers. That world is over. To be free from dependence on males is to be free from male demands, which means the egalitarian distribution of survival and reproduction resources is a relic of a former world. Women will remain financially independent and the female id will remain unchained. The sexual marketplace will totally reform our world in accordance with its inalienable principles and the best we can do is avoid the personal consequences of its implacable injustice.

While most red pill men pay lip service to the old values and expectations, the general response from the loosely organized male opposition has been a rejection of conventional male responsibilities and a dissemination of materials which facilitate a short-term mating strategy – a movement towards exploiting the greater availability of sex while expending fewer resources. On nearly all sides, this is where the game stands today.

I have held for the past year that there is an alternative to the wholesale adoption of short term strategy, and that this adoption amounts to little more than women taking control of society while the few men paying attention accept easy sex as a consolation prize. Pussy is the opiate of the masses, and on this path, men will become little more than grown children, content to leave the girls in power while they play with their video games and free snatch.

Nor can women be stripped of their status as the gatekeepers to reproduction. If men are stripped, as they have been, of their status as gatekeepers to survival, then women hold all the cards and feminism is best viewed as a protracted power play in which they will negotiate the most advantageous circumstances to pursue their imperative, forcefully and with no consideration for men. There could be no more impotent response than a moral appeal to suppress the already unloosed female id, and the MRA movement at large amounts to little more than a blatant denial of the facts on the ground.

In fact, the unstoppable restructuring of society in accordance with the feminine imperative is acceptable for one reason and one reason only: because regardless of their material circumstances, they are still consumed by an emotional need for the same behavioral symbols of our investment.  But now, as patriarchy fades, we can simulate this without any material sacrifice and without any expectation of exclusivity.  And we can do it in a way that puts us in an even greater position of power.

To Be Continued


12 comments on “State of the Game: Part One

  1. Rufio says:

    “Pussy is the opiate of the masses, and on this path, men will become little more than grown children, content to leave the girls in power while they play with their video games and free snatch.”

    THIS. spot on.

    Also, there’s a third alternative that is actively being discussed and pursued by some — light fire to civilization and watch it collapse, resulting in a return to a barbaric world where physical power is once again king.

    • Arred Wade says:

      You’ve got it. I think either of the options is going to produce the “third alternative”, but I think social, not physical power, will be the determinant of who comes out on top. The ability to influence small groups of people.

      • NoveltyVotary says:

        Beat me to it.

      • Rufio says:


        I don’t think this third option is going to happen despite what these guys want. I think flashes of violence will occur, but many of these types will either just go off on their own into the mountains or will move to positions of power once they realize the “soft power” reality is more likely.

        The future master of the globe has and maintains the capability to physically dominate others (and the others know this), but he chooses not to use it and the others respect him for it.

        • Arred Wade says:

          I think the political opinions of men everywhere (but especially in America) are motivated by the desire for personal autonomy and freedom from demands by others. The collapse of civilization has been a perennial fantasy for that reason, but I think it will produce the exact opposite outcome. The collapse of complex institutions will reduce society to much smaller and more claustrophobic scales, in which women and alphas will naturally command more relative power. The entire hypothesis of this blog is that the commutative property applies and if we adopt the values of a small scale society, those institutions will subsequently implode. I am now pursuing the question of how we can learn to rule on a small scale and I appreciate your interest.

    • NoveltyVotary says:

      The third alternative sounds a little simplistic to me. How will you do it? And if you do, will guns and politics evaporate with society and we’ll go back to charging each other with axes Braveheart style on the muddy plains of our forefathers? It seems that society is collapsing about as fast as anyone can manage already, but it’s too difficult to know where things like the Internet, pharmaceuticals and corporations will fall once the dust has settled. I think controlling even a little piece of any of those is a better way to asset control over others than brute force in this hypothetical dystopia. Or do you think all that will somehow be obliterated?

      Although it feels like a collapse to me in the moment, I think Arred is right that restructuring will probably be a better term in retrospect once a new period of stability is reached. The question is then, if society isn’t a steaming heap of twisted metal and survivalists, and the feminist imperative survives, where does that leave men?

      Is the suggestion that feminism isn’t sustainable and we should bank on that? Then when the lights go out perhaps returning to the role of gatekeepers of survival could be quite lucrative and even the only virtuous thing to do given the worldwide drought of leadership. Who else will pass on the lessons we are currently learning the hard way?

      Part 2…

      • Arred Wade says:

        Seriously good point that I’ve thought about before. That the people in charge will still be living the same life generations after the rest of us have acclimated to the apocalypse, because the institutions of economic power will still exist in a diminished form for the people who actually participate in them. That we’ll all be 3rd world barbarians paying 90% of our income to utility/cell phone/media giants years after we’ve abandoned the lifestyle of civilized humans. That the best we could hope for is to become tribal leaders under the jurisdiction of a universal, homogeneous state.

        I am still wrestling with the question of whether feminism is natural or not. Whether it is a revival of a pre-agricultural, biological value system or whether it is an aberration created solely by the gender-neutral post-industrial economy. My sense is that it is somewhere between the two, and game comes naturally to men. That it’s the lessons of literacy, of delayed gratification, of inalienable order and abstract law that we need to worry about when tradition begins to die off. These are the patriarchal values that facilitate civilization.

        Either way, the imbalance is temporary and men will be restored to provider status once more. The facet of the feminine imperative that gets the least attention is that women are compelled to have babies, and I don’t think too much more time will pass before this tears into the national dialogue again. Everyone talks about how women are increasingly doing whatever they want these days; few people talk about the probability that the next generation will choose family over career when push comes to shove.

  2. pantyfx says:

    The opiate of the masses will always be whatever the gateway of the controllers want you to believe in. Fucking spot on post. Ima add on:

    Lets delve deeper into some of the mechanics your talking about here specifically strategy and this power you are experiencing. First off, lovin actually reading something that isn’t laden with sour grapes. All of the strategy stuff you read about and are writing about (and ima put you on it not actually being where you are at in the meta but your writing this to get readers up to speed) in this post is accurate on that level but it’s a levels thing. Strategy is nothing more then a means to DEMONSTRATE your territory. Its a response to a loss of power generated by the environments laws determining the expenditure of your resources. So all the specifics shouldnt matter, know the process to discover it faster then your competition then shut the fuck up about it.

    That process is gonna have a aggregated cost of time+power.

    Lets call this resource g$ as in ya mothafuckin gamebux lol

    After food, money, shelter, all of this shit people are really on about is certainty.

    Certainty = perspective+how you FEEL about how many gamebux you have

    Perspective = how you FEEL about how your ego-investments are doing.

    Learned game and your fucking a girl two points hotter. GREAT. Did you have an orgasm? Was that the real pay out? Was it respect? Should I go deeper? Do you get its just feelings? Sweet. Moving on. Its just ego investments to color the prime imperative the way you want it colored. If you aren’t making power out of your life, your getting shit on by it

    The investors in your head and in real life?They want to know what they are doing has value and we weigh value on two different plans These are the dynamics for ANY PLAN A HUMAN CAN POSSIBLY MAKE EVER:

    Feeling (losing)(Love)
    Loss of feeling (winning)(Respect)

    Those last two lines will change your whole fuckin life if you can really get what that is. Your REALITY and how you SHAPE IT is on those canvases. You think your logical first? Your not. You think your mind is yours? Old news, it isn’t and hasn’t been. You wanna fuck like porn is telling you and this guy is your out to it. Life is and will always be so much deeper then that. This motherfucker isn’t fucking women. Its no longer of a question of fucker and fuckee to these girls, they are having meetings to FUCK HIM. They are strategizing to FUCK HIM. He is experiencing a clarity that is power. Power that only eunichs and paralyzed people feel in moments of between the pain of their condition. The pussy isnt a burden, it isn’t a curse. He is free to consider life in its greatness PAST the illusion of youth, as a king staring the world down with present eyes burning and cold. A dichotomy I promise you is better then the best orgasm you ever had.

    He has reality like a marble, peering inside it to determine its worth. Hes only at the start of a wonderful journey.

    You have my attention. KIckass dude, kickass.

    • Arred Wade says:

      It took me a day or two to reread this and decide if it was genius or inane babble. Two days later, I think it is the best comment ever posted here. Real recognize real. Yeah, you lose a level of reality by translating non-rational concepts into rational terms, but at a certain level of experience, terms like “territory” are all you can understand.

      I don’t get shit for writing this. No money, no fame, and in fact now it turns out I get whined at by betas and banned from subreddits for committing thoughtcrime. But I am driven by a compulsion to teach others and serve as a translator from the real world into the world of the rational mind – the mode of perception you pigeonhole yourself into every time you sit down at a computer.

      Maybe you can do the same. Can you reiterate and elaborate on the feeling/loss of feeling? If they are the only two things I’ve ever really been driven by, I’m certainly interested in understanding them better.

      • pantyfx says:

        That made me real life “;D” And yeah I am very far distanced from the present when I am posting on a blog on the internet. It’s all the cranks and gears of my mind I am showing you and one of the reasons why I am sharing at ALL is because you are taking the L (the implicit loss) for sharing your meta FOR FREE to these idiots and mongos who put on their hater hats instead of putting the people in their life in the place they want to be in.

        You are a fellow conduit, we have to take these powerful abstract concepts and bring them to people in a way that is what they are interested in buying. Almost noone is buying the broken glass road of suffering we drug our balls in to get to this state. It isn’t something that just happens. To elaborate on my two sentence code above ima just quickly preface something important to the readers:

        Life has two momentums and your body is attuned to the movement of its position through higher dimensions with really shitty telemetry we call emotions. We don’t need to go into the spirituality of it, it’s not gonna be important to people reading this but what IS important is that this flow is “luck” to the outsider and being successful or being a failure to the insider (as in either you, or the people you have internalized to act on your behalf as a buffer).

        These movements act on you. Your size and mass is directly related to how much integrity and how much congruency you have and are going to have. (People who are congruent are VERY lucky etc etc and luck is actually life working for you instead of against you its so sad people think its this mysterious thing)

        If you notice this is why small people in life have small problems, petty shit, and general dumbfuckery befall them. They have never had much of either integrity and congruency. They bounce all over everywhere getting took by the whitewater rapids of life so to speak.

        When you are FEELING something your body is CRIPPLED. It is CREATING YOU, where I come from we called it mygjacking. Your amygdala is the program operating with a limited number of actions and reactions it can perform. In internet parlence, you mad bro, you bad bro (people forget the second part). Life has never been an equation where someone feeling is winning. Women want to feel because they KNOW in their beautiful little hearts that feeling is SUBMITTING. Now I want to be very clear about something because most of the autists who are gonna read this are going to jump to something like “what about sociopaths who dont feel, or i dont feel because im fucking DEPRESSED” lol your still feeling. Feeling nothing is feeling VOID, thats why zero is a number. Nothing is actually a something. Its noise on your idea of life, a weight in your response.

        Loss of feeling (what I call to myself wordlessness because you stop describing in either feelings or language and are left with action) is when you have successfully conducted those feelings through you, you become bigger then your problems and you expand, you move position in the meta of life. Most people don’t EVER EXPERIENCE THIS MOVEMENT!! They think because they fuckin won a baseball game or stuck it in a girl that has the right facial features they are winning at life. It wasnt the girl, it wasnt the feeling of their dick plunging into her silky depths, it was the ritual of removing their resistances that let them be where they wanted to be. The bigger the resistance, the farther the distance. If you think something is IMPOSSIBLE, it is at the horizon of your life. The reason why this is winning is because the person that is doing this is and always has been the beacon in any event. We are attuned to it, we hear it before the words are said, we cock back and marvel when someone takes their balls back in front of us, or proposes when they mean it.

        Life occurs in this cycle of drawing our ideas in crayon and then coloring over them as quick and deep with black crayon or hide the fact we can do anything, only to scratch all that crayon away to see our life in a new color, entirely created by the concentrated effort of removing our unconcentrated effort from the equation to create effortlessness.

        So to bring it all back around, your KILLING IT with the ladies because you are conducting their feelings without feeling because your bigger then their shit. What your feeling is so big its bigger then their perception, so they cant possibly fathom your existence and as women its likely they dont want to. The reason why you have my attention is because I want to see what you do with this, it’s beautiful to watch. I personally got to this level and decided to remove the resistance in other areas of life related to how to live life itself. I create fantasies in my friends lives that act as catalysts to spur their movement and it’s my main focus as an ego-investment in their lives. Since they don’t and cannot fathom that as an existence, their problems flow effortlessly through me and I create a real way of being that has them be better then themselves even when I am not around, they have internalized “me”.

        These girls have internalized “you”. You either wittingly or unwittingly created an archtype for them to understand until they finally have expanded their integrity and congruency enough to grasp it.

  3. Gabe says:

    This is probably the most incredible essay (and by extension: blog) I’ve read all year. You’re a talented writer. A million thanks for helping me to understand to understand the world around me.

    Perhaps you’re not interested in laying it all out for borderline betas that aspire to become alpha in this nascent matriarchal regime, but if you’re feeling charitable: how did you get to your current level of game? As a newcomer to the ‘red pill’, the volume of information is a bit overwhelming – where would you recommend a 22 year old guy start?

    • Arred Wade says:

      Thank you very much, and that is literally all I want to do. I don’t believe reform is possible, but I believe if we accept that the old order (and in the long term, quite possibly civilization itself) is beyond repair, we can get past the current nightmare of gender relations and find a reconciliation where both men and women are happy.

      In the future, you will need to know how to work with the female brain to maintain social power. The current generation (the last generation of patriarchs) does not want to concede this to women. The next generation (the first generation raised largely by single women) will be forced to concede it, but will have no expectation of social power. My hope is that I can give men today a new model for interaction and men tomorrow a new model for power.

      I will probably start making more biographical or experiential posts, because there’s been a lot of interest recently in the personal side of the blog. mASF used to be comprised of 50% field reports, which I think was very influential for me to read at a young age. I always found that this shit was more imitative than anything else, and nothing was more helpful than seeing how other guys were doing it and mimicking them. They may still do the same on, but I can’t vouch for the quality.

      This is the guide I read when I was 15 that has stuck with me my entire life:

      I would say the single most important thing to know when it comes to game is that you are not learning an external system that teaches you how to succeed socially. You are taking steps to uncover what your INTERNAL system for social success looks like, and you just have to try everything before you figure that out. Some guys are gregarious and talk to everyone in a bar. Some guys hang back and look interesting, then say 5 words at a time, which women hang on, dying to hear more. When you get more advanced, and have friends that are advanced, you start to notice that one guy might go for one night stands, while another may default to having multiple, concurrent, longer-term flings. This is all a function of your personality, and the name of the game is figuring out how to express that in a way that attracts other people.

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