Evil Thoughts

1.  Julien’s drama game is probably the most interesting thing to happen in pickup in the past 4 years.  It is the exact opposite of the direction I’m moving in, but this may be the most dangerous shit I’ve ever seen.

2.  Bruce Charlton’s ongoing exploration of high-trait psychoticism and creative genius is an interesting read.

3. The manosphere seems generally to be regressing in time as it brings on legions of new recruits, fresh from the blue pill delusion that traditional gender relations are in any way salvageable. Let’s look at the facts:  Patriarchy enabled betatude by guaranteeing men sexual access without actually placing any demands on them to act like men.  Now that it’s collapsed, the betas are feeling the squeeze as a new social order is being birthed with new rules for distributing male power.  Two male strategies currently exist:  one is the game approach; to adapt to the changing social reality by becoming the alphas favored by the imperative.  Today, the sphere is shifting radically in the direction of the second strategy:  the MRA approach, where aggrieved men cobble together a mass movement and hoist the flag for beta rights.  Good luck, I guess.

4. I’ve found two promising candidates for my experiment in female mixed mating strategy.  To recap, if feminism is the political voice of the feminine imperative, then feminists are simply women who have loosened the shackles on their savage biological demands a few notches beyond the norm.  If the mixed mating strategy demands alpha sex and beta resources, a feminist will be more unfettered in her shameless pursuit of both.  Recently, I have been scouting out radical feminists to fuck with the intention of training them to dominate asexual betas for resource extraction.  If I am successful, this could be one model for gender relations that accounts for the alpha/beta dichotomy without excluding the mass of betas from participation.  This may or may not work in conjunction with my theory of non-exclusive, long-term mating strategy as a means of male power, but I will go into greater detail on that subject in State of the Game: Part II.  Also, one of the feminists has disproportionately big tits, so hopefully I can get some pics and throw them up here as a visual aid.

5.  The very idea of good and evil is an invention of the compulsively objective male brain.  No action is categorically good or bad.  No action is categorically attractive or unattractive.  No action is categorically “alpha” or “beta.”  To a woman, there is intention and context.  It does not matter what is said.  It matters who says it to her — not who you are on paper, but who you are to her.  It matters what your intention is.  It matters where it comes from and where it’s going.  To a beta, this means women are irrational.  To an alpha, this means there are no fucking rules and you can get away with anything if your frame is strong and your intentions align with hers.  Her intentions are not what you think are “good” or “bad.”  They serve her own interests and they follow her own imperative.  Women want attention.  Women want emotional bonds.  Women want to feel important to people.  You think some actions are good and some are bad, but plenty of bad things net good results.  Plenty of bad things signify emotional investment when they come from the right man at the right time, and serve to make a girl feel more valuable whether they sound good to you or not.


One comment on “Evil Thoughts

  1. Rufio says:

    Interested to hear the results of your experiment.

    I recently have encountered at least two women in separate situations in the last month who casually admitted to me that they were frustrated with their current mate prospects. They both want their careers and independent money (which they both have), but they also want strong dominant mates (which they both don’t have). With both I decided to play the “father” frame instead of my normal cocky game, and results were insane.

    Both opened up much further about their sexual histories and desires, and my response was to give them each permission to “find a wimpy man / house husband to keep around for convenience, while pursuing dalliances on the side to get their excitement.” I was keen to warn that as their looks faded the latter would be harder to come by.

    Each had the same reaction — a look of shock, then a laugh, then a slight smile and ‘fuck-me’ eyes.

    The girls realize what’s happening. They know what they’ll have to do. They admitted that point to me not because they didn’t know what their path/answer is, but rather because they just wanted some emotional validation.

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