Status Observations

At the highest peak of direct, animal status — at the level of a legitimate king — there is no thought whatsoever, there is only awareness of external reality.  No self-reflection.  No doubt.  No fear.  No anxiety.  Scanning the room slowly with warm, fearless eye contact and casual engagement of everyone around you.  You think you know what this means, but most do not.  They aren’t reading literally.  They cannot comprehend the idea of no thoughts running through your head.  Of total silence and clarity as you take in the outside world and act on pure, native instinct.  People pay you tribute out of biological reflex — buy you drinks, offer you girls — and you can’t believe this level of status disparity exists in a society you used to think was staunchly egalitarian.

Hold a dollar in your hand and ask which is more real — the dollar or the economy?  The room or the nation?  Your social circle or America?  We live in an evolved, complex society, but the process is cumulative — you live in nation, a state, a city, a tribe, and a crew, all at the same time.  Marriage is the process of family replacing crew; as patriarchy breaks down, the crew will become the central organizing unit of male social life.  As complexity breaks down, the tribe will become, once more, the central organizing unit of political life.

Is the process of deteriorating complexity and its replacement with smaller, more direct units of social organization reversible?  I don’t think so.  But can the complex institutions continue to exist without the participation of the great majority of retribalizing humans?  Can individual men sit on the fence and have it both ways?  I think they can.  I think I’m doing it right now, and working my ass off during the week while wrenching out total animal indulgence on the weekend.  It requires me to live in two completely irreconcilable worlds, and any man who wants to maintain class must do the same.  Because the great divide is widening and we’re all choosing sides.  You vote with your feet.  Every time you go to the bar, every time you log on to read a pickup website, every time you treat sex as a priority, you’re deciding which world you want to live in.  It started out on the weekend but the weekend is gaining ground.  Go to the hood.  To to the trailer park.  Go to the train yard.  Every day is the weekend, because that is our biological heritage and our biological future.

The central conflict in every contemporary man’s life is this:  That those two worlds require you to be opposite men.  You can’t win in the animal world without being alpha, and you can’t participate in the complex economy without being beta.  One requires the total absence of thought, anxiety, internal reflection, and self-referential thinking.  The other relies on rational, logical, linear, compulsive thought in order to function.  You can be the king of both worlds, but you must learn to turn your brain on and off and become two different people at the drop of a hat.  Who else lives like this?  Who could take on this life?  But this is what you have to do if you want to be king, and the time is coming when kingship is mandatory.


7 comments on “Status Observations

  1. modernguy says:

    Nice insights, you’re one of the few that sees it. I’m not sure it can actually last that way without devolving into a total third world wasteland though. The situation, and ultimately the reality, is too ugly for betas to bear. When the structure breaks down it will become unbearable for beta (unattractive) women as well.

    • Arred Wade says:

      I put a lot of stock into Charles Murray’s work, particularly as he forecasts a total divorce of upper and lower class. Most of the social changes in America right now are just the masses adopting the attitudes and values of the lower class before having to deal with the reality of poverty. Chief among those attitudes and values is a preference for r-selected mating, and this will definitely hit beta women hardest of all — totally unable to extract commitment from a man, they will likely have the hardest time raising children alone.

      I’m looking forward to seeing Spring Breakers. I watched Kids in high school and loved it — to be honest, that’s basically how I lived for years and still live on the weekend. Harmony Korinne was prophetic 10 years ago and I think SB may paint of a picture of where we’ll be 10 years from now. Put it this way: It scares me how much of a joke Riff Raff isn’t.

      • Rufio says:

        Entirely agreed about Spring Breakers. I was speechless watching the trailer. The style, the plot, the actresses (for many this is their first risque/adult role) and goddamn if that isn’t Riff Raff himself. I knew Riff Raff was ahead of his time the first time I saw/heard him (because he MUST be both seen and heard at the same time to understand; his music makes no sense unless you see his supreme confidence). This movie might accelerate his rise to fame as his image/style is promoted around the world.

        “Most of the social changes in America right now are just the masses adopting the attitudes and values of the lower class before having to deal with the reality of poverty.”

        Spot on. What you also might be experiencing when jumping between work and play is actually a jump between these two classes. Most people will be sliding downward, even those that go to good colleges and come from upper-middle class backgrounds. The bosses that you are posturing for in a beta fashion are still from the old guard. You’re having to act like a civilized person because the workplace is still run by an old guard that is civilized.

        Soon though, most workers’ orders will come direct from a computer. Either you’re programming the computer, or you’re taking orders from it. Very little in between. Then where will the civilizing influence come from?

        You might sit on the fence now, but you better choose a side.

        The average middle class person is simply no longer needed by the ruling class. They will be allowed to slide back into squalor. Robots will replace most of their jobs, and the Chinese middle class will take jobs the robots can’t until the American lower classes match the level of the rising Chinese/Asian middle class.

        Despite what Roissy and many others are arguing, for a certain class of people there is no decline. Only ascent.

        Global civilized techno-superclass. Global barbaric lower class. Nothing in between.

        Check out Nick Land’s Dark Enlightenment posts. This global superclass may stay the superclass for a long, long time to come if he’s right.

        • Arred Wade says:

          “What you also might be experiencing when jumping between work and play is actually a jump between these two classes.”

          This is basically the essence of the post distilled in one sentence. Do you experience this? I wonder how many men are leading double lives like this and code-switching in different environments. Frankly, I don’t see how you can exist in the manosphere and actually be alpha in real life (as opposed to just a guy on the internet venting about the women who scorn him) without this duality. Unless, of course, you have an independent source of income, as I do.

          Globalization gets short shrift in the media today compared to 10 years ago, when every magazine, newspaper, and journal had some sort of article about it on a daily basis. The gist, if you recall, was that economic activity is no longer tied to geographical epicenters of production, thanks to breakthroughs in communications technology. Naturally, that means that wealth would spread more evenly around the world, since living in India is no longer a competitive disadvantage. What they failed to mention is that this means poverty will also spread more evenly around the world, since living in America is no longer a competitive advantage. The way I see it, there won’t be a 1st and 3rd world in the future — or they will be totally decentralized, and every country, every state, and every city will have its own 1st and 3rd world.

          How this looming inequality will be resolved is the big political question of our lifetimes. My biological father is expecting a totalitarian suppression of the burgeoning Riff Raff caste, and has started buying up land in Guatemala to retire to when the shit hits the fan. I’m still figuring out my thoughts on the matter.

          • Rufio says:

            I have experienced the jump. I saw some of the bestial behavior while growing up in a more rural area, but I only came to understand the significance after moving to a much larger city. My father used to tell me that culture was very powerful, and if certain friends of mine stayed within the confines of their current environments, the likelihood was high that they would end up with X number of experiences (teen pregnancy, abusive relationships, etc). He was spot on.

            For most, escaping one environment and jumping to another does not guarantee more control. It just predisposes an individual to a different set of likely outcomes. The other environment you entered has still been engineered to shape you into a certain type of person.

            Rare are those that can take the final step to read and modify their environment heavily to produce the outcomes they desire, but they do exist.

            So I have experienced the jump insofar as I have seen many types of environments. Kings of the short-term thinking plebes will be those (like Riff Raff) that can create a cultural force and understand how to modify environment within their subgroup. But these types are not thoughtful or powerful enough to extend their thinking to a civilization building level.

            What you’re describing when you discuss social mastery can also be called environmental mastery.

            On the short-term, better to be lower-class King than to be an upper-class bitch/beta/servant.
            On the short-term, best to be an upper-class King.

            On the long-term, better to be upper-class bitch/beta/servant than lower-class King because the hammer will fall eventually.
            On the long-term, best to be an upper-class King.

            You’re right. Open immigration policies are turning the US into a 3rd world country. It’s been happening for well over a decade. Makes complete sense if placed in context with the wheel of history and the march forward of global business and government.

            We are well past the point of no return. It’s globalization or bust. Globalization 1.0 is what the media was ranting about in the late 90s. We’re moving into Globalization 2.0. Anything other than the global system will crash the stock markets, wipe out wealth, and result in some serious zombie style civilizational collapse as people panic.

            Opening borders increasingly makes the idea of a ‘country’ and even many ‘states’ irrelevant. Power and wealth is shifting increasingly to a series of city-states. Prime example of this is Bloomberg and NYC. The man is practically already a dictator — stranglehold on industry via his Financial services company, stranglehold on politics via mayorship. A well trained NYPD army. City taxes in addition to state/federal.

            Your father (I assume) is old enough where this strategy makes sense for him. He should be careful to create ties with the Guatemalan government though. One’s ownership of property is only valid if one can defend the ownership of that property via the excise of power legally, politically, or physically.

            As for anyone from younger generations, including (I assume) yourself, remote country isolation or Roissy-style “watch it burn” hedonism are terrible strategies.

            Learn to create your own isolated environment wherever you are geographically. Align yourself with others that share your longterm thinking (preferably across multiple city states globally, and some rural areas). And start acquiring power/leverage. Not money — the value of cash is being quickly inflated away, so invest it in power/leverage that can’t be taken by others via force or economic tweaks.

            Increasing your social value within a peer group of the upper or lower classes is adding to your power. Creating culture (music, art, etc) is adding to your power. Learning to handle yourself physically (gym time, boxing/fighting, etc) is adding to your power. Building a robust and defendable environment of peers, family, property, etc that allows you to create increasing value for the global business system and bounce back from any blows from the outside world is adding to your power/leverage. There will be a time in a couple decades (maybe sooner) when the amount of leverage you wield could mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones.

        • Arred Wade says:

          “Civilization, as a process, is indistinguishable from diminishing time-preference (or declining concern for the present in comparison to the future). Democracy, which both in theory and evident historical fact accentuates time-preference to the point of convulsive feeding-frenzy, is thus as close to a precise negation of civilization as anything could be, short of instantaneous social collapse into murderous barbarism or zombie apocalypse”

          Reading Nick Land now — brutal as shit so far, this is awesome.

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