The Command of Others

In keeping with a long tradition of covering shit nobody else comes close to writing about…

The ongoing exploration of social power has taken me away from the study of group dynamics and the manipulation of status, towards the nature of submission, the personal psyche, and the deeper (benevolent) manipulation of individuals.  Do you believe women are naturally submissive?  I believe humans are naturally submissive, and some outgrow it.  Consciousness itself is a burden, and submission to external directives frees us from the concerns, anxieties, and uncertainties of daily life.  There’s a grain of truth to the idea that “work will set you free”, and one of the requirements of adulthood is being able to order yourself when nobody else will do it.

Even still, there are levels of dominance that can be attained.  What does dominance mean to an American?  To the manosphere bloggers who seem so enamored with the concept, it seems to be little more than aloof independence, propped up by the improbable desire of female underlings to submit to one’s self-interest.  But genuine leadership is more than that.  It is acting as a personification of someone else’s superego, the externalized working memory.  It is an art, and it requires a higher level of consciousness.  It requires you to infer the mental state of the person you are dealing with, assess their motivations and needs, gain their trust, and persuade them to follow you to satisfy their desires.  This is leadership, and it is by far the least studied of the female attraction triggers, because so few understand it themselves.

As with any other piece of female psychology, men look at it in a Plato’s Wall scenario of analyzing the symptoms without understanding the reality.  As with any other piece of female psychology, it is more valuable to look at the subjective emotional experience of it than what it looks like from the outside.  This is not impossible.  I believe everyone has a level of submissiveness inside of them, because everyone spends the first 18 years of their lives passively obeying the orders of one authority figure or another.  For most, this continues long after age 18, but as is often the case, men are permitted to behave like children far less than women are.  Women have society’s permission to submit, to relieve themselves of responsibility, to genuinely trust.  And if you believe that anyone is naturally submissive, you will understand what this means — that deep down, they want nothing more than to let go and follow your direction.

This presents a number of requirements.  The agreement must be 100% voluntary and you cannot assert leadership over anyone against their emotional will.  You can entice someone to follow your direction only by offering them something, but putting conditions on it and requiring them to follow you.  This requires them to operate on an emotional, rather than rational level of consciousness, because the job of their rational mind is to scrutinize whether or not it is safe to follow their emotions.  For this reason, the #1 prerequisite is trust.  When someone follows you, they are abandoning their need to think.  To experience concern or anxiety, to cease the questioning and doubt that plagues their mind.  But this requires them to suspend the critical brain, and they will do this ONLY if they trust the voice which commands them.  Your greatest job is to allay their fears and then focus on stimulating their emotions — and both of these require total clarity in YOUR mind, total certainty, total lack of fear and doubt in yourself.

More on that later.


4 comments on “The Command of Others

  1. Are you aware of the work of Julian Jaynes, ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’? Your ideas suggest that good leadership is like a resumption of the previous state of conciousness.

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