Strictly For The Hardcore Aspergoids

Most events are best understood as being particular and specific as opposed to being abstract. Does this make sense? Probably not, because these terms are unfamiliar. When I say abstract, I mean that the world responds to certain items or people in a way that is predictable from the intrinsic qualities of the item. You are at a bar and you open a girl with a friendly line, and she responds invitingly or with rejection. What is the explanation for this? The abstract explanation is that she responded negatively because of a fundamental flaw she could see in the item — you. The particularistic explanation is that women are tightly attuned to the world around them, and the event (her response) was in fact evoked by other events that preceded and influenced it. Before you approached, had you made eye contact? Did you smile? Was she comfortable with your presence? Was she having a good night? Were her friends occupied? These are occasions which occur *in real life* that account for the occasion we are focusing on, and my supposition is that, in fact, *all events are precipitated and caused primarily by preceding events, rather than occurring spontaneously as an expression of abstract reality.” Make what you can of this, it is more than game, it’s an authentic experience of reality.


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