Touching Base

Long time no see. I don’t find much of this stuff interesting anymore, but I logged on and saw a sizable number of people still come to this blog searching for red pill or r/K material. Re: the red pill, I find it difficult to imagine a bigger waste of intellectual energy at this point; I’ve been in a bdsm relationship with a 21 year old for about a year and find myself asking…if you want a traditional power dynamic, why not just find a girl with similar interests and spare the rest of us the diatribes? Just a thought.

Re: r/K, actual scientists have continued to humiliate the HBD neckbeards, and I’ve largely moved on from reading about epigenetic moderators of IQ to mechanisms by which the stress response system influences life history-relevant physiological traits in response to early life instability (read:low SES). Here is a good launching point for anyone interested in traveling the rabbit hole:

Or just reread heritability studies like it’s 1993. Fine with me.


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