Fast Forward

How in God’s name is this blog getting triple digit page views in a day?  It feels like I stopped writing a lifetime ago; I guess I did.  I left the manosphere for the same reason I bothered writing this thing in the first place, which is:  Women are taking over society because American men have no concept of positive authority.  They certainly have a concept of negative authority, and I left the manosphere because that was the only framework they had within which to develop a system of gender relations.  I left before Roosh started openly advocating serial rape and Roissy devolved into a troublingly sincere white supremacist, and before hearing any of the discussion, if there was any, of whether anyone was surprised by either.  And I left to pursue a relationship and put the shit I’ve been talking about into practice.  I just fucked my girl and said “You’re a good mate and I give you an A+” before walking out of the room to type this, struggling to remember a time when the word “neg hit” had any application to the world I live in.

This is where ex-Manosphere writers go:  they get into relationships where the girl cooks, cleans, pays her half of the tab, asks to be tied up and spanked each week, and says they can sleep with other girls if they want, she “just wants them to be happy.”  This community, in its heyday, taught me my values in life, and I probably owe my life to it.  I really think it’s a shame that everything I got out of it seems to be dead and all that remains is the bitter husk of a defeated sex, obstinately bitching about how things “ought” to be in complete contradiction of reality.


One comment on “Fast Forward

  1. ojgfwoiejwef says:

    Google searches still work. There is a concept of ‘evergreen’ content in blogging. Also RSS readers might have you subscribed, in case one day you do write new things. Putting in something into an RSS reader lets you never have to actively check things again. Like me for example.

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