The Command of Others

In keeping with a long tradition of covering shit nobody else comes close to writing about…

The ongoing exploration of social power has taken me away from the study of group dynamics and the manipulation of status, towards the nature of submission, the personal psyche, and the deeper (benevolent) manipulation of individuals.  Do you believe women are naturally submissive?  I believe humans are naturally submissive, and some outgrow it.  Consciousness itself is a burden, and submission to external directives frees us from the concerns, anxieties, and uncertainties of daily life.  There’s a grain of truth to the idea that “work will set you free”, and one of the requirements of adulthood is being able to order yourself when nobody else will do it.

Even still, there are levels of dominance that can be attained.  What does dominance mean to an American?  To the manosphere bloggers who seem so enamored with the concept, it seems to be little more than aloof independence, propped up by the improbable desire of female underlings to submit to one’s self-interest.  But genuine leadership is more than that.  It is acting as a personification of someone else’s superego, the externalized working memory.  It is an art, and it requires a higher level of consciousness.  It requires you to infer the mental state of the person you are dealing with, assess their motivations and needs, gain their trust, and persuade them to follow you to satisfy their desires.  This is leadership, and it is by far the least studied of the female attraction triggers, because so few understand it themselves.

As with any other piece of female psychology, men look at it in a Plato’s Wall scenario of analyzing the symptoms without understanding the reality.  As with any other piece of female psychology, it is more valuable to look at the subjective emotional experience of it than what it looks like from the outside.  This is not impossible.  I believe everyone has a level of submissiveness inside of them, because everyone spends the first 18 years of their lives passively obeying the orders of one authority figure or another.  For most, this continues long after age 18, but as is often the case, men are permitted to behave like children far less than women are.  Women have society’s permission to submit, to relieve themselves of responsibility, to genuinely trust.  And if you believe that anyone is naturally submissive, you will understand what this means — that deep down, they want nothing more than to let go and follow your direction.

This presents a number of requirements.  The agreement must be 100% voluntary and you cannot assert leadership over anyone against their emotional will.  You can entice someone to follow your direction only by offering them something, but putting conditions on it and requiring them to follow you.  This requires them to operate on an emotional, rather than rational level of consciousness, because the job of their rational mind is to scrutinize whether or not it is safe to follow their emotions.  For this reason, the #1 prerequisite is trust.  When someone follows you, they are abandoning their need to think.  To experience concern or anxiety, to cease the questioning and doubt that plagues their mind.  But this requires them to suspend the critical brain, and they will do this ONLY if they trust the voice which commands them.  Your greatest job is to allay their fears and then focus on stimulating their emotions — and both of these require total clarity in YOUR mind, total certainty, total lack of fear and doubt in yourself.

More on that later.


Status Observations

At the highest peak of direct, animal status — at the level of a legitimate king — there is no thought whatsoever, there is only awareness of external reality.  No self-reflection.  No doubt.  No fear.  No anxiety.  Scanning the room slowly with warm, fearless eye contact and casual engagement of everyone around you.  You think you know what this means, but most do not.  They aren’t reading literally.  They cannot comprehend the idea of no thoughts running through your head.  Of total silence and clarity as you take in the outside world and act on pure, native instinct.  People pay you tribute out of biological reflex — buy you drinks, offer you girls — and you can’t believe this level of status disparity exists in a society you used to think was staunchly egalitarian.

Hold a dollar in your hand and ask which is more real — the dollar or the economy?  The room or the nation?  Your social circle or America?  We live in an evolved, complex society, but the process is cumulative — you live in nation, a state, a city, a tribe, and a crew, all at the same time.  Marriage is the process of family replacing crew; as patriarchy breaks down, the crew will become the central organizing unit of male social life.  As complexity breaks down, the tribe will become, once more, the central organizing unit of political life.

Is the process of deteriorating complexity and its replacement with smaller, more direct units of social organization reversible?  I don’t think so.  But can the complex institutions continue to exist without the participation of the great majority of retribalizing humans?  Can individual men sit on the fence and have it both ways?  I think they can.  I think I’m doing it right now, and working my ass off during the week while wrenching out total animal indulgence on the weekend.  It requires me to live in two completely irreconcilable worlds, and any man who wants to maintain class must do the same.  Because the great divide is widening and we’re all choosing sides.  You vote with your feet.  Every time you go to the bar, every time you log on to read a pickup website, every time you treat sex as a priority, you’re deciding which world you want to live in.  It started out on the weekend but the weekend is gaining ground.  Go to the hood.  To to the trailer park.  Go to the train yard.  Every day is the weekend, because that is our biological heritage and our biological future.

The central conflict in every contemporary man’s life is this:  That those two worlds require you to be opposite men.  You can’t win in the animal world without being alpha, and you can’t participate in the complex economy without being beta.  One requires the total absence of thought, anxiety, internal reflection, and self-referential thinking.  The other relies on rational, logical, linear, compulsive thought in order to function.  You can be the king of both worlds, but you must learn to turn your brain on and off and become two different people at the drop of a hat.  Who else lives like this?  Who could take on this life?  But this is what you have to do if you want to be king, and the time is coming when kingship is mandatory.

Every Man Needs A Hamster

In the early stages of game, most men are fixated on the question of what to do or say in order to win success with women. But one of the most important things you can learn early on is that these are the wrong questions to be asking in the first place. Why? Because what you say only accounts for 10% of your actual success. There are two sides of real communication, and the content of your interaction is only a fractional part of it. Beyond content, there is context, which informs how that content is interpreted by giving people cues about who you are and how to treat you. It may be fair to say that game is nothing more than the manipulation of how people interpret your words and actions: saying the same shit in different ways to suggest that you are a source of value instead of a social liability.

Fortunately, there is already a classic game concept to describe this phenomenon. It is the concept of frame, and it is the single most foundational idea in social dynamics. What does a woman want? She wants joy, she wants love, she wants emotional novelty. But more than anything, she wants to play a specific role, burned into her mind in youth, that nobody allows her to play. It is different for every woman, and your job is to figure her out and give her the opportunity to be herself. To become a man with whom she can be herself. And this requires both the insight to read her and the ability to craft a frame from the emotionless void of casual conversation. It is a fundamentally creative act and you will be unstoppable when you’ve mastered it.

This is the sheer and undeniable genius of the female mind at work. Women see the world in shades of gray when it is really black and white, but men see the world in black and white when there are really shades of gray. A boorish woman will rationalize that a man is threatened by a strong woman when in reality the man is just not attracted to her. But a man will determine that a woman is rejecting him, when really there are a hundred reasons she did not return his call! Did she take too long to respond to a text? How do you know she wasn’t driving? How do you know she wasn’t mid-conversation? It is crippling to interpret rejection where there is none, but most men refuse to think creatively when presented with complex human action. Considering that being emotionally threatened by a woman is the fount of 90% of beta behavior, nothing could be more important than interpreting reality in a way that affirms your status. These are only 10% of the benefits that come from hamster-like thinking and the ability to create your own frame, though.


I will say AGAIN that Julien’s drama game has legitimately changed my life. At heart, it revolves around the deliberate and reckless assumption of a fearlessly emotional frame. This is liberating enough in itself, because 99% of men communicate in a way that minimizes emotionality and drama, and especially limits their personal vulnerability. But expressing even vulnerable emotions — pain, sadness, jealousy, anger — from a position of confidence can actually serve to strengthen emotional bonds and demonstrate your willingness to make emotional demands on others — an extremely alpha trait that is extremely difficult to achieve. To a woman, this is like crack cocaine.

The manipulation of frame can be as simple as playing a game. I stumbled into a random party this weekend. Before going inside, I worked the crowd of 20 or 30 people in the backyard, greeted the people I knew, laughed and drank. Ended up by the doorway, saw a cutie heading inside with a group. Told them to go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, then stopped her and said, “Hey, wait — who do you know in there?” “Oh I don’t know…i’m just with my friends…is that okay? Can I still go inside?” Told her, “Yeah, you’re okay, go ahead just don’t dance on the tables or break anything.” She came back out 10 minutes later. Stopped her and said, “Hey, wait — who do you know out here?” She cracked up. Flirted for a while, told her I didn’t even live there and got that “what the fuck!”/playful shove. The point isn’t what was said. It’s just some dumb shit I did for 10 minutes one time. The point is that I invented roles for both of us to play, and got her to play along. And in every social interaction, the person with higher status sets the frame for both of you.

Take it one step farther. I went inside myself and found out it was my ex-girlfriend’s birthday party. Asked her best friend, who still hates me, if she was going to kick me out. She said yes. I said, “Whatever, I was here first. Actually, you’ve got to leave Catie. I’m kicking you out. All right, let’s go. Come with me.” Ended up hitting on her and now she doesn’t hate me anymore — probably because 90% of the time a girl hates you it’s because you threaten her self-image. Saw my ex, who I haven’t seen since she dumped me over 2 years ago. Told her, “Hey, you look great and I want to formally apologize for being such a dick to you. Happy Birthday.” Was I a dick to her? No. But I set the frame that I was apologizing to her, and that means I had the upper hand. She accepted it and responded accordingly. She was now the one who lost me.

Take it one step farther. I was there with another girl I met at the previous party. Looked bored/ chilled with her while my ex stared on. Ex gave proximity numerous times, kept making eye contact. Ignored her and left the party. Sent her a Facebook message the next day saying, “Happy Birthday I’m glad I saw you, I was bummed that you didn’t want to talk but whatever, that’s all history now so oh well.” Now there’s a frame of emotional conflict. Now we’re two people with a complicated past who don’t know how they feel about each other (which is true.) Would that be the case if I simply followed her cues and accepted the frame she gave me? No. We would be two people who knew each other 2 years ago who are now having a conversation about work and school. I created the frame between the two of us, and that’s the difference between nothing and something.

So take it one step farther still: This isn’t limited to interactions with females. It informs your entire fucking life. When you go to work, you accept your employer’s frame. When you go to the same bars because “that’s where people go”, you accept a frame. When you went to college to study what they taught you, hoping for a job, to go down an established path, you accepted a frame. Every time you follow the steps set out for you by other people’s experience and prescriptions, and look to the past for cues instead of engaging reality in a novel and spontaneous way, you are accepting a frame. Success isn’t a reward for going through the right motions. It’s something you create for yourself by looking at nothing and building a frame. It is a fundamentally creative act, and now more than ever it is a necessity if you want to be successful at anything.

The Man Manor

Finally moved my shit into this room and I figure it’s a good opportunity to catalog my “Man Manor.”  Pump your “interesting character” game.  You think deductively; women think inductively.  Your mind is bigger than one conversation.  Your life is bigger than one night.  You are bigger than one scene.  Don’t ever forget that.  Your job isn’t to explain yourself.  It’s to suggest yourself and let her explain it on her own.

Anyway, I have three jobs.  I telecommute for a government contractor out of the US State Department, I write for a notorious four-letter hipster magazine you may have talked shit about before, and I’m a research assistant in a behavioral genetics lab.  I spent 7 years riding freight trains around the country, trafficked schedule III drugs, and ran a successful small business after graduating college.  I say this because any girl who comes in this room knows these things about me.  Here’s my man manor:

image (3)

A Gullah-language copy of the New Testament, titled De Nyew Testament.  A bullet shell from the Bosnian war brought back from Sarajevo by my father, who did intelligence analysis in the Balkans throughout the 90’s.    Curry powders brought back from Indonesia by the Hawaiian aunt, along with a recipe.  A charm used to ward of hags, purchased in the Coastal Empire of South Carolina when I visited the politically autonomous Oyotunji African Kingdom to see their polygamous, animal-sacrificing traditions.  Mexican oils used in indigenous rituals.  A deck of tarot cards.  Well, I had to.

Also, candles for St. Anthony.  My Grandma Carol had a very strong devotion to St. Antony for her entire life, and would pray to him regularly.  She was very Italian, very traditional, and very religious.   She died when I was only 8 years old, but I still think about her.  Italian women are very, very loving, and when I think of her now (especially compared to American women today) her devotion to husband and family seems impossible.  She taught me at an early age what love was, and nobody has compared to that since.  I chose Anthony as my confirmation name in her honor.  I was in foster homes as a baby, and found out 20 years later than they had all called me Anthony the whole time.  After a long battle with cancer, my grandmother finally died on June 13th, 1996, on the Feast of St. Anthony.  I light the candles whenever I cook her pasta sauce.


Virgin of Guadalupe purchased for $1 while I rode the Viaje de la Bestia through cartel territory in Mexico.  Shawl was given to me by a girl named Rosemary.  She said the number one problem in America is that women don’t know how to be women, and was taking 5 years off to learn how to run a home and family.  She was very attractive and had the most feminine personality I’ve ever met. I couldn’t bring myself to pursue her because I knew it would demand more investment than I am able to put forth.  Confronting that was the moment when I realized it’s not all women’s fault, and if I couldn’t go back to a traditional relationship, society couldn’t either.

image (5)

Whips purchased in San Miguel de Allende, made of deer and goat legs.   Usually hung on the wall in that formation; looking forward to using them but haven’t found the right girl yet.  Flag taken from the grave of Jefferson Davis when I lived in Oregon Hill.  Painting purchased while writing a story about the culture of death in Mexican Arizona.  It was butchered by the editor.

image (4)

Cow skull found on the railroad tracks in Sonora.  Hat purchased in a very old, very small vintage clothing store in Hawaii.  My uncle designed resorts for a living (one of the guys who built Hilton Head) and ultimately married one of the heiresses to the Hawaiian throne.  He is 1%, flat out, but one of the most generous and moral men I’ve ever met.  He left his family and culture to live with the extremely wealthy in Hawaii, and hasn’t seen a Winter in 30 years.  He spent his life 6,000 miles away.  I went with my father to get his affairs in order a year ago, and saw a man who had made dramatic choices and lived a very dramatic life as a result of them.   He beat the game, plain and simple, but made very real sacrifices to do it.  He lives in a paradise with no needs or wants, but never had kids, never saw his sisters, didn’t see his nieces or nephews grow up.  He is very lonely at the country clubs, on the golf courses, at the 5-star restaurants on Waikiki.  I keep a cheesy hula girl on my desk that plays the ukulele.  The music is peaceful and beautiful, but unbearably sad at the same time.  It’s very personal for me and I think about it when I consider the life I want to lead.

image (2)

Bust of Thomas Jefferson.  A statuary recreation of La Pieta with skeletons.  A preserved scorpion given to me by an orphan in Mexico.  A set of keys to a Union Pacific locomotive.  A book of art by my friend Owen, who lives in a 4 story treehouse in New Orleans.  A switchblade.  A small spoon for taking bumps.  A jar of dirt taken from the grave of the man Boo Radley was based on.  I slept in the graveyard overnight.  A desiccated tortoise shell I found riding trains and use as a catchall for my keys and change.  Various arrowheads.

image (6)

I love this fucking poster.  Trying to get it framed soon.  Taken about 70 years ago before digital editing, so the lighting was done by literally setting hundreds of flashbulbs all over the drive-in and waiting for the train to come.  Love that it’s both train and romance-related.


This one is kind of dark.  Monitor on a large trunk.  Coasters from a bar in Tucson, AZ.  A human femur.  Rattlesnake sperm used in Mexican cult rituals.  A map of Mexico.  DVDs of Hindu scripture.  An ornament from a large shrine to Michael Jackson in the Rive Gauche.  A silk wall hanging purchased at a bull fight in Barcelona.  A hat given to me by a suicide girl I went to Mardi Gras with last year — the bow is made from her hair.  A mardi gras mask.  Books.  A guide to the Barrio Viejo.  Journeys in Islamic Countries by JG Bennett.  The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell.  A history of the end of the Roman Republic.  I have a shitload of books but no bookshelf yet, so they are in the closet.  Also getting a rice bed soon, which I’ll probably drape in some mosquito netting I have left over from canoeing in Canada when I was 17.  We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s my man manor.  Hope you appreciated.  They’re just things, but you only have one life and I like to be surrounded by reminders of what I’ve done, what’s important to me, and what I hope to do in the future.  Much love,  y’all.

Evil Thoughts

1.  Julien’s drama game is probably the most interesting thing to happen in pickup in the past 4 years.  It is the exact opposite of the direction I’m moving in, but this may be the most dangerous shit I’ve ever seen.

2.  Bruce Charlton’s ongoing exploration of high-trait psychoticism and creative genius is an interesting read.

3. The manosphere seems generally to be regressing in time as it brings on legions of new recruits, fresh from the blue pill delusion that traditional gender relations are in any way salvageable. Let’s look at the facts:  Patriarchy enabled betatude by guaranteeing men sexual access without actually placing any demands on them to act like men.  Now that it’s collapsed, the betas are feeling the squeeze as a new social order is being birthed with new rules for distributing male power.  Two male strategies currently exist:  one is the game approach; to adapt to the changing social reality by becoming the alphas favored by the imperative.  Today, the sphere is shifting radically in the direction of the second strategy:  the MRA approach, where aggrieved men cobble together a mass movement and hoist the flag for beta rights.  Good luck, I guess.

4. I’ve found two promising candidates for my experiment in female mixed mating strategy.  To recap, if feminism is the political voice of the feminine imperative, then feminists are simply women who have loosened the shackles on their savage biological demands a few notches beyond the norm.  If the mixed mating strategy demands alpha sex and beta resources, a feminist will be more unfettered in her shameless pursuit of both.  Recently, I have been scouting out radical feminists to fuck with the intention of training them to dominate asexual betas for resource extraction.  If I am successful, this could be one model for gender relations that accounts for the alpha/beta dichotomy without excluding the mass of betas from participation.  This may or may not work in conjunction with my theory of non-exclusive, long-term mating strategy as a means of male power, but I will go into greater detail on that subject in State of the Game: Part II.  Also, one of the feminists has disproportionately big tits, so hopefully I can get some pics and throw them up here as a visual aid.

5.  The very idea of good and evil is an invention of the compulsively objective male brain.  No action is categorically good or bad.  No action is categorically attractive or unattractive.  No action is categorically “alpha” or “beta.”  To a woman, there is intention and context.  It does not matter what is said.  It matters who says it to her — not who you are on paper, but who you are to her.  It matters what your intention is.  It matters where it comes from and where it’s going.  To a beta, this means women are irrational.  To an alpha, this means there are no fucking rules and you can get away with anything if your frame is strong and your intentions align with hers.  Her intentions are not what you think are “good” or “bad.”  They serve her own interests and they follow her own imperative.  Women want attention.  Women want emotional bonds.  Women want to feel important to people.  You think some actions are good and some are bad, but plenty of bad things net good results.  Plenty of bad things signify emotional investment when they come from the right man at the right time, and serve to make a girl feel more valuable whether they sound good to you or not.

Notes from a week of bars, parties, and drugs

Nothing serious, just observations I’ve written down.  This may be the lifelong height of my game and I have no fear of interacting with anyone in any environment. There is no doubt or anxiety in my mind at all and I see things I normally don’t see, because my eyes are always open. All men seem nervous and unsure of themselves. Women do too, but they are allowed to be. Black people are increasingly nice to me and I am at times more comfortable with them than members of my own race.

— When I go on auto-pilot, I start every conversation with a question. At the bar, I lean forward slowly, lock eye contact with a slight smile, pause briefly, and ask the bartender, “What should I drink?” At a rock and roll party, the DJ was dressed as Ziggy Stardust. EC, smile, slight pause. “Are you Ziggy Stardust?” “I am.” “Are you familiar…with Livin’ on a Prayer?” “Yes I am,” with a smile. “How bad do you want to hear that right now?” “So bad,” laughing. At a show, lean over and ask “Oh, what record did you get?” Girl immediately opens body language, makes eye contact, answers emphatically.

You were probably raised with TV, or worse, the Internet. No more than 3 hundredths of a second separate you from whatever information or stimulation you want. Your brain moves at 100 mph because its been taught to. It can move as quickly as it wants, and expect results immediately.

Real life does not occur at these speeds, and in a world where status is determined by immersion in the social world, the high status man paces reality at its own speed – not the speed inside his head. The highest status man sees the furthest into the future. He sees where he will be in 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days. It means nothing when a girl throws a shit test and fucks up the next 2 seconds of the conversation – if you already know where you’re taking it afterwards.

— The highest status man has the greatest level of awareness of the world around him.  Watch your self.  Watch your field of vision.  What does it do when you are the lowest end of the totem pole?  What does it do when you are the one guy who knows nobody there?  You get tunnel vision.  When you know everyone, and everyone loves you, your eyes are wide and you see all the moving parts before you.  This is how women see the world at all times, because their response to status challenges is one of engagement rather than avoidance.  They are more in sync with the people around them, so they confront and engage rather than hiding in a corner where the kings can’t see them.

When you are at that level of status, you may see one cute girl and hone in on her like a target.  Your eyes may follow her around the room.  When you talk to others, you will glance over at her unconsciously.  She knows this is happening and it creeps her the hell out.  Don’t get tunnel vision.  Don’t focus on one girl.

Territory is more than physical space.  If you are the highest status, the world is your territory.  Not only can you walk where you want, you can occupy people’s ears by talking when you want to.  You can occupy their attention by engaging whoever you want to.  You can look wherever you want to.

The last part is important for two reasons.  One, I keep noticing that self-doubt can be neutralized by shifting attention outside of yourself.  By immersing yourself in the social world around you.  And keeping your attention on multiple people, pacing reality as it occurs, firmly plants you in the real world.

Two, because there is a physiological reason for it.  Your eyes use different parts for “zooming” versus “wide angle” shots.  They are called rods and cones, and they interact very differently with your brain.  One is used for reading or hunting and it engages your “left” brain.  One is used for laying back and taking in information all at once — not linearly, not sequentially.  This engages your “right” brain, and this is the mode you must be in when you socialize.   Social power is not about hunting.  It is about gathering, and before you can succeed, you must learn to operate differently.  You must learn to engage the world all at once.

Texts from the past 48 hours so you know I’m not full of shit:

photo2 photo1   photo5(Stripper)  photo4photo3

State of the Game: Part One

Men and women have always pursued fundamentally different biological imperatives, but the female need for survival resources and the male need for reproductive access forced them to compromise their competing drives out of necessity. This compromise was most perfectly expressed in the institution of marriage, wherein men would sacrifice the option to impregnate multiple women and women would sacrifice the option to all be impregnated by the best man, but both would be satisfied by the opportunity to live another day and produce another generation.

Today, in some part through manipulation of their sexual resources, but largely as a result of the changing nature of work itself, women have been granted the ability to provide for themselves and no longer have any need to compromise their biological imperative in order to survive. The resultant ideology of feminism can be appropriately viewed as the financially independent female id forcibly expanding the limits of acceptable behavior to the benefit of its biological agenda. The goal of this philosophy is for all directives of the feminine imperative to be free from stigma and completely acceptable.

Chief among these directives is the dual reproductive strategy of breeding with the man of greatest reproductive fitness (whose options in the reproductive market make him unlikely to settle down) and pair bonding with the man of greatest resources (whose willingness to invest suggests he lacks the reproductive fitness to attract other women.)  Much work has been done establishing the fact that women have a two-tiered system of mate preference, and that they oscillate between the two along their estrus cycle.  Social mores, however, prevent them from fully acting on it.  When men controlled material resources, cuckoldry was outlawed, open hypergamy shamed, and paternity tests readily available to resolve any issue.   These are precisely the social attitudes which we are watching change in our own generation as the newly unfettered feminine imperative asserts itself.  Soon it will be possible for a woman to pursue both of these strategies separately without fear of legal, social, or moral repercussions.

90% of men are complicit with this transformation of social mores. The dissident remainder are red pill men, and they have two mutually exclusive options: to acknowledge the feminine imperative and attempt to suppress it, or to accept it completely.

By now, it should be obvious that the former is an untenable position. Females have historically suppressed amoral instinct only out of necessity, due to their reliance on male providers. That world is over. To be free from dependence on males is to be free from male demands, which means the egalitarian distribution of survival and reproduction resources is a relic of a former world. Women will remain financially independent and the female id will remain unchained. The sexual marketplace will totally reform our world in accordance with its inalienable principles and the best we can do is avoid the personal consequences of its implacable injustice.

While most red pill men pay lip service to the old values and expectations, the general response from the loosely organized male opposition has been a rejection of conventional male responsibilities and a dissemination of materials which facilitate a short-term mating strategy – a movement towards exploiting the greater availability of sex while expending fewer resources. On nearly all sides, this is where the game stands today.

I have held for the past year that there is an alternative to the wholesale adoption of short term strategy, and that this adoption amounts to little more than women taking control of society while the few men paying attention accept easy sex as a consolation prize. Pussy is the opiate of the masses, and on this path, men will become little more than grown children, content to leave the girls in power while they play with their video games and free snatch.

Nor can women be stripped of their status as the gatekeepers to reproduction. If men are stripped, as they have been, of their status as gatekeepers to survival, then women hold all the cards and feminism is best viewed as a protracted power play in which they will negotiate the most advantageous circumstances to pursue their imperative, forcefully and with no consideration for men. There could be no more impotent response than a moral appeal to suppress the already unloosed female id, and the MRA movement at large amounts to little more than a blatant denial of the facts on the ground.

In fact, the unstoppable restructuring of society in accordance with the feminine imperative is acceptable for one reason and one reason only: because regardless of their material circumstances, they are still consumed by an emotional need for the same behavioral symbols of our investment.  But now, as patriarchy fades, we can simulate this without any material sacrifice and without any expectation of exclusivity.  And we can do it in a way that puts us in an even greater position of power.

To Be Continued